Review: 8839 Supply Ship

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I'm working my way through dismantling my large collection of Technic sets in order to reduce the space they take up, and thus make room for more (like the new Volvo Wheel Loader). I'm keeping the ones I really like assembled -- the cranes, diggers, helicopters and so on -- but before I break up the others, I'm taking the opportunity to photograph and comment on some of the more notable ones.

Today I have chosen to highlight 8839 Supply Ship from 1992 which is an interesting model in many regards.

One of the great things about having collected Technic sets over a long period, is seeing new technologies introduced into the sets. The initial 'Technic technology' was of of course the holed beams, axles and gears that formed the basis of the debut range of sets released in 1977. The next significant step was probably the pneumatic system introduced in 1984 which has since undergone several iterations to get to the usable and reliable system we now have today.

Discounting electronics and motors, the next technology to be introduced was the flex system in 1991. That year, a rather uninteresting Universal Set (8074) was the first to use it. Then in 1992 three of the six sets launched featured it, including this supply ship.

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Architecture Studio launch event report

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Yesterday evening LEGO hosted an event to mark the release of 21050 Architecture Studio in the brand store at Westfield, Shepherd's Bush, London. Myself and a couple of other Brickset staff members went along to the press session at 6:30pm.

The session was hosted by Finn Williams, Urban Designer and founder of Common Office who spoke briefly about the design process and the basic principles of architecture. After that it was a free-for-all to build a structure using parts available in the set to add to the metropolis that had been built up during previous sessions. Unfortunately the building table was swarming with kids and all the best bits had been used in previous sessions :-)

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HispaBrick lssue 20 now available

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Issue 20 of the best LEGO magazine out there, HispaBrick, can now be downloaded for free from the HispaBrick website. Lluis Gibert, one of the editors, writes:

"In this issue, Keith David Severson, Senior Manager for the CEE Team explains the restructuring and the future of the new ambassador program. We will tell you about the new project of the CEE Team, The LEGO Ecosystem, which Yun Mi Antorini has carried out.

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Exo-Suit available now!

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The moment you've been waiting for is here... It's 1st August, so Peter Reid's Exo-Suit is now available from! Please use these links to place your order:

USA | UK | Canada | Germany | France
($34.99 | £29.99 | $44.99 | 34.99€ )

If you need reminding what a cool set it is, read our review. If you are only thinking about buying it at this stage, I wouldn't deliberate too long: I'm sure it won't sell out today, but chances are it will sell out quickly like the Mars Curiosity Rover did, which was available for just 10 days from in the USA and Canada.

The Research Institute, which unfortunately has been somewhat overshadowed by the Exo-Suit, is also available today and can be ordered via these links:

USA | UK | Canada ($19.99 | £15.99 | $24.99)

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Bionicle 2015 confirmed by LEGO Shop

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Today, various LEGO fan communities lit up with a discovery on the LEGO Shop website more or less confirming Bionicle will be returning. According to Brickipedia News and a post on BZPower, if you type "Bionicle" in the LEGO Shop website's search bar, it takes you to a Coming Soon page. Searching other old themes like Atlantis doesn't go to this other page though, so it must be intentionally sent to a Coming Soon page.

What are your thoughts on Bionicle's return? Leave them in the comments below!

Update: LEGO has taken the redirect to the Coming Soon page down and it now shows Hero Factory sets as search results. That must mean they accidentally released that news too soon. :)

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Review: 8640 Polar Helicopter

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I've been having a bit of a dilemma lately. I'm rapidly running out of space to store and display my LEGO collection. I'm sure I'm not the only one, in fact I suspect those that aren't, are in the minority here.

One reason for this is that I've been collecting Technic since I emerged from my dark ages in 1994 and now own nearly every set made from 1993 to about 2010, and a good few from before and after. Because I like to display them from time to time, plus the fact it takes ages to build them in the first place, I store them assembled, in zip-lock bags or bubble-wrapped, in plastic crates. I suspect you can probably visualise the volume they take up. There's more cool models on the way but no more room in the house, so something's got to give...

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