Easter offer at FireStar Toys

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We've teamed up with FireStar Toys to bring you an exclusive offer over Easter to celebrate the launch of their loyalty program Star Points and also their first custom minifig, Gamma Scientist.

The first 50 members who place an order (for anything, not just the scientist) between 00:00 Good Friday and 23:59 Easter Monday (BST) will receive 100 Star Points, worth £5 off your next order.

To claim them, set up an account on the website, place your order, then email [email protected] straightaway with the subject "Brickset super Easter giveaway" and your order number in the body. The points will then be added to your account.

The Gamma Scientist is the first of many custom figs that FireStar will be producing. Here's the description from the FireStar website:

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Easter bunnies

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With Easter almost upon us, at last, I thought now would be a good time to take a look at the history of Easter offerings from LEGO, concluding with a look at this year's Easter bunny.

The first Easter set I can find in the database is 1677 Rabbit, released in 1990. There wasn't another one until 2000, and it wasn't until 2010 that Easter sets became a regular occurrence.

As with most items marketed at Easter, religious ones excluded, they are either chicks, eggs or bunnies. Since 2000 we've had eight bunnies, four chicks/hens/ducks and one basket of eggs: 12 sets in total, since one includes a bunny and an egg.

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Cuusoo Exo-Suit logo revealed

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The New Elementary has just posted an excellent article about the development and marketing plans of the Cuusoo Exo-Suit, and has revealed the logo that will adorn the box.

The set is scheduled for release in August so we have a while to wait before we actually get a glimpse of it, but the article should have you salivating in anticipation.

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41046 Brown Bear's River

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Brown Bear's River is one of the three series 5 Friends Animals sets that have just turned up in brand stores in the UK, slightly ahead of their scheduled release date of May.

It consists of a baby brown bear in a small cave, a river and a fish, presumably a salmon, leaping a waterfall to return upstream to its breeding ground. Will the bear swallow it for lunch, or will it make it to its destination?

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Mixels series 2 images

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Amazon.co.jp has published pictures of the nine series 2 Mixels sets which it says will be available at the beginning of June.

They are blue, brown and orange. The tribes are named something like Frosticons, Fang Gang and Flexers respectively. Thanks to Dominick for the news and translation.

Update: This image provides more information about the tribes, and their names. The orange ones are Flexers, not Stretchers. (Thanks Allen)

I'm loving the use of helmets over this guy's eyes!

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41045 Orangutan's Banana Tree

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It was quiet here over the weekend because I, and many other staff members and regulars, were at the Brickish Association's annual general meeting in Sheffield. One of the highlights of the weekend was a visit to the local brand store: a bus load of us descended on the store during the evening and proceeded to clear the shelves. At the end, the crowd of us standing outside surrounded by yellow bags stuffed full of LEGO was gathering quite a few quizzical glances from passers-by :-)

I was actually very restrained and didn't buy very much at all, but one thing I was pleased to find was series 5 of the Friends Animals sets, so I'll post some quick pictorial reviews of them over the next few days, starting with 41045 Orangutan's Banana Tree.

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Two new apps hit the stores

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A couple of new mobile apps have just been released into the app stores, one for iOS and one for Android:

  • Brickprints - Instructions for LEGO powered by brickset.com, by Iskandar, Inc. is an iOS app that uses Brickset's API to enable the LEGO official instructions to be viewed on your iOS device.
  • LEGO db is an Android app, also powered by Brickset's API, that provides a quick and easy way to search Brickset and keep track of your collection on the go.

Our directory of mobile apps lists all the apps that interface with the API to provide easy access to Brickset while you're on the go.

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