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In North America this month's gift with purchase (GWP) is 30315 Space Utility Vehicle which is free with orders over $35 between now and 20th July.

For more information and to place your order please use these links: USA | Canada.

There are no GWPs for Europe or Australasia this month yet although the summer Bionicle sets are now available.

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First look at LEGO Angry Birds

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Last month's announcement that LEGO will be releasing sets in the conjunction with the Angry Birds movie in 2016 was met with disappointment by many. I suspect this teaser image revealed by Kotaku will do little to improve the mood.

As you can see the birds themselves appear to consist entirely of new pieces, as do the pigs which are silhouetted around the edge of the image. The bird appears to have no connection points other than on its feet and hands which is very disappointing, although we will reportedly get a better look at San Diego Comic-Con.

This is therefore the second announcement in as many days regarding sets to be revealed at Comic-Con, so we might expect to see additional sets revealed shortly.

News via Brick Fanatics.

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Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Batmobile unveiled!

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The Wall Street Journal has revealed the first image of the upcoming Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Batmobile set which is to be released on the 1st of January 2016. We don't yet have a set number but we do know that it will contain 306-pieces, three minifigures and will be priced at $29.99 in the US, which corresponds to £29.99 based on the prices of similar licensed sets today.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the Batmobile features opening doors so presumably the canopy components are hinged at the rear as they will be in the movie. Two additional minifigures are reported to be included along with another vehicle, so what we are seeing here is not the entire set.

Personally I am not terribly impressed by the model or the Batman minifigure as there are numerous inaccuracies based on the few images we have seen of the actual film vehicle and Batman himself. Notably the armour around the front wheels is absent from the LEGO model which is a bizarre exclusion in my opinion. What do you think?

The set will be on display at San Diego Comic-Con from the 9th of July, so expect to see further images of it then.

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Klossfestivalen, 10-11 July, Örebro, Sweden

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Frederik has sent us information about a forthcoming event in Sweden:

This event takes place in Örebro in the middle of Sweden. Public hours are Friday, July 10th, 2015 from 10am to 6pm and Saturday, July11th from 10am to 4pm and Sunday, July 12th from 10am to 4pm local time. The event is created and hosted by who is a LEGO reseller with the largest LEGO shop in Sweden with 1.000 square meters filled with only LEGO.

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Review: 40155 Piggy Coin Bank

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Typically LEGO fans clamour for information about upcoming sets, so the rather abrupt release of 40155 Piggy Coin Bank was quite a surprise. LEGO store exclusives like this one and 40154 Iconic Pencil Pot have proven very popular so far this year, so much so that they are often out of stock in stores!

The traditional piggy bank is a well known form and I think it has been well rendered here, despite the angular nature of LEGO bricks. Not only does the model look great but it is also functional, with a coin slot in the top and a considerable space inside for storing coins.

However, it is probably the character conveyed by the face of the pig which won me over most of all as it looks fantastic despite the simplicity of the design. An impressive range of emotions can be conveyed merely by adjusting a few pieces, something that cannot be said of a standard piggy bank.

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Minifig collection enhancement

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Summer is finally upon us in the UK so I suspect many of you will be partaking in outdoor pursuits rather than sitting indoors playing with LEGO or on your computer. I however, will continue to slave over a hot keyboard to keep the site updated and fresh :-)

This morning I added a feature that was requested in the forum: when viewing minifigs you can now filter the list by 'owned in sets' and 'owned loose'. Remember that if you've lost or sold minifigs in your sets you can remove them from your collection as described in this article.

Also, in set listings you can now sort by (number who own+number who want) which, it has been suggested, is a good measure of the popularity of a set.

Actually, I will be outside as much as possible so probably won't be making any large changes to the site while the sun's out, but I'm always open to suggestions for enhancements, so if you have any ideas as to what you'd like to see added, let me know in the comments.

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