Exhibition of LEGO, this weekend at Sandown Park Racecourse, London

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Apologies for not mentioning this sooner! This event will be running from tomorrow, Saturday 23rd through to Monday 25th August at Sandown Park Racecourse, London.

Attractions will include:

  • Bright Bricks LEGO models on display

  • LEGO models by Adult Fans of LEGO on display

  • Ed Diment Professional LEGO Artist from Bright Bricks conducting an interactive live build – come and help with the build

  • Regular Workshops every day (limited places and are subject to availabiltiy) - fee payable on the day

  • The LEGO MOVIE 2014 showing all day.

  • Voting for your favourite Children’s and Adults LEGO competition models

  • Fairy Bricks LEGO children’s charity

  • Advance ‘Build your own’ LEGO competition

  • LEGO building play area

  • Minifigure™ hunt competition

  • 'Draw your favourite model' section

  • Refreshments café and restaurant in the venue

  • Shops selling LEGO products and accessories

  • FREE Parking

For more information see the event website or this discussion in the forum.

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It was all basic bricks in my day, part two...

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Res-Q Wrecker

Big Sal has published the second part of his series of articles which aim to debunk the commonly reported view in the media that 'it was all basic bricks in my day'.

This part examines the percentage of low-use pieces that have appeared in sets over time. As it turns out, there were more basic bricks and plates in sets back in the olden days, but the number of specalised parts has remained about the same, apart from a blip in the early 2000s when appalling monstrosities such as Jack Stone and Galidor were launched.

Once again it's a great read and I encourage you to check it out.

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Mixels series 3 starting to appear in stores worldwide

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It does not seem like very long since the second series of Mixels became available, but the hotly-anticipated third series is now making its way into stores as well. The Mixels seem to be growing gradually more popular with each series, and no doubt the three new tribes (the Glorp Corp, Spikels and Wiztastics) will be as well received as ever.

Although the release appears to be fairly patchy, there have been sightings reported in the US, Continental Europe and the UK. The official release date is the 1st of September, so even if they have not appeared near you yet, they will be out soon.

Luckily, my local toy shop in Eastbourne has got them in stock and I have picked up a set, so expect reviews over the next week or so.

The third Brickset Mixels contest will also be coming in September, so start coming up with some ideas!

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Rumoured list of polybags in the next Daily Mail Promotion

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Brick Fanatics has reported that the next Daily Mail promotion will run from 20th - 27th September. The polybags said to be included are the following:

  • 30310 City Arctic Scout
  • 30265 Legends of Chima Worriz Fire Bike
  • 30271 TMNT Mikey’s Mini Shellchaser
  • 30264 Legends of Chima Frax Phoenix Flyer (subject to change)
  • 30227 City Police Watercraft
  • 30281 The LEGO Movie Micro Manager (subject to change)
  • 30229 City Repair Truck
  • 30244 Anakins Jedi Interceptor

I've created a BrickList to allow you to view all of the sets easily.

Let us know what you think of this selection in the comments. There's also a discussion in the forum.

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Review: 75055 Imperial Star Destroyer

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The Imperial Star Destroyer is a real favourite of many fans, and it is therefore no surprise to see that LEGO have at last returned to this iconic vehicle by releasing 75055 Imperial Star Destroyer. The last edition in a similar playset style was 6211 from 2006, and despite the fact that the two are based on the same source material, they vary enormously. This new version is priced at £119.99 or $129.99 and contains 1359-pieces, so although the piece count is very similar to the 2006 edition, the price has gone up enormously.

75055 is certainly not a perfect set and there is plenty of room for improvement, but there are undoubtedly plenty of improvements which have been made over the original version.

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The LEGO Neighborhood Book

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No Starch Press should be congratulated for providing so many AFOLs with an outlet to publish LEGO-related books. Their output is as prolific as DKs but because they are 'unofficial' books they cover a far wider range of topics and are generally more geared towards, and appealing to, adults.

The latest book to be published, The LEGO Neighborhood Book -- Build your own town, is by Brian and Jason Lyles. Brian runs Brick City Depot where he publishes instructions for modular buildings so it will be no surprise to learn that it's about how to create your own modular buildings in the style of the official LEGO ones.

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