2015 Technic images

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Arctic Truck

Arctic Truck

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just2good has released images of first-half-of-2015 Technic sets in video form, or you can view them here in the database if you prefer.

They look to be a mixture of 'more of the same' (race truck, quad bike and loader), innovative (Arctic truck and 24hr race car), and the 'can't have too many of' (motorcycle).

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Santa's Workshop available now, and double VIP points

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Santa's Workshop

Santa's Workshop is now available at shop.LEGO.com to everyone. And, during October, you will enjoy double VIP points on all purchases which is the equivalent of 10% off.

Furthermore, in USA and Canada you'll receive the first of two exclusive Christmas sets (40106 Elves' Workshop) with purchases over $99 for the whole of the month, too.

In Europe we have to wait a little longer before we can get our hands on it but it will be available from the 15th, with orders over £50.

Here are links to buy Santa's Workshop: USA | UK | Canada

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Speed Champions images

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Ferrari F150

Images of the Racers replacement theme Speed Champions sets emerged overnight in another video posted by just2good.

It seems they are all minifig-scale and feature a plethora of new parts -- windshields, mudguards, wheels, new curved plates and probably much more besides. They are also plastered in stickers.

Meiko has posted an article on Brickipedia comparing the models to the real vehicles which is well researched and a great read, so head on over there to find out more about the cars the models are based on.

I can't say I'm particularly excited by them but maybe you are...

(Note I've removed the controversial statement in the above text which is referred to in the comments).

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2015 DC Super Heroes sets

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Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas

just2good continues his series of 2015 official image reveals today with a video of the upcoming DC Universe sets. The focus for next year seems to be Justice League, which is pretty cool since it gives us some nice new figures and pieces. Not only are we getting new big-figures of Gorilla Grodd and Darkseid but we also see new figures such as Black Manta, Cyborg, and many more. I haven't managed to look at all of them too closely yet, however I especially like the new variant of Green Arrow with his hood down. just2good says he'll be uploading Speed Chamions tonight and/or Ninjago tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Edit: I've added the images to the database so you don't need to waste time watching a video of static pictures -- Huw

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Response to survey comments

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Our recent user survey generated over 1000 comments so it's been a bit of a challenge going through them and working out how best to respond.

In the end I drew a mind-map which I hope has captured the points raised. In this article I'll list the main points and reply to each of them.

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