75050 B-Wing - The most interesting set in the world...

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Today I have a rather unusual and (probably) one-off article for you. I mentioned in my review of the new AT-AT (75054) that I would not be reviewing any more of the Summer Star Wars sets, and as such this article will not be a review of 75050 B-Wing. Instead, I will be taking a look at some LEGO Star Wars trivia, which this set has more than its fair share of!

While building the model it dawned on me that although the set may not appear to be all that special superficially, it is in some ways interesting and even unprecedented! Read on to find out why...

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Classic LEGO sets: Bionicle

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On the day that LEGO is set to reveal that Bionicle is making a comeback it seems appropriate to take a look back at the original sets from 2001. This article has been written by GreenNinjaCP:

Ah, BIONICLE. There was nothing quite like it. BIONICLE was like that new kid who walked into the school in that new third grade school year, beginning around August of 2001. He was not quite like all the other students, and many didn't like him at first. However, when you walk in, you meet him, and get to know him. He ends up becoming your best friend. You do everything together, all the way until he graduates in 2010. It's a weird analogy, I know. But it works well. BIONICLE was an instant classic among many, and 2001 was the beginning of something great for so many children around the world, who are now in college or something. They became involved in the adventures of the Toa until the very end.

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An Interesting Idea: Lovely Sailboat

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I get a big kick out of projects that make you realize..."Wait a minute, why hasn't LEGO done one of these already?"

One of the better examples of this is the Lovely Sailboat.

Am I wrong here? Has LEGO ever done a LEGO City era sailboat? The closest I have found is this monthly mini model build. Plenty of pirate ships to be sure, a few "castle" boats, even some windsurfing boards, but are there any modern era boats with sails in the LEGO catalog of sets?

Update: ARR! Almost forgot it's Talk Like a Pirate Day! Well, in celebration of that, you might want to check out: The Inferno, The Scorpion's Soul, The Flying Dutchman, and The Gilded Crow.

Update II: User L@go spotted an official sailboat in Dolphin Point.

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Santa's Workshop available now to VIPs

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Santa's Workshop

Shop.LEGO.com VIPs can now order this year's Winter Village set, and buy it at brand stores.

Normally I'd encourage you to do so but personally I'd hold fire until October when (a) it will be double VIP points, (b) 40106 Elves' workshop will be free with qualifying purchases, and most importantly (c) LEGO will hopefully have sorted out its affiliate tracking system because at the moment orders placed via our links (and those at other websites) are not being attributed correctly.

But, if you insist, here are the links: USA | UK | Canada.

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