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70229 Legends of Chima Lion Tribe Pack$6.99$9.9930%
30% discounts on this year's setsPrice nowRetail priceSaving
21023 Architecture Flatiron Building, New York$27.45$39.9931%
70223 Legends of Chima Icebite's Claw Driller$34.99$49.9930%
70229 Legends of Chima Lion Tribe Pack$6.99$9.9930%

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Review: 75904 Mystery Mansion

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I was lucky to see plenty of fantastic sets at the London Toy Fair back in January but the recipient of my 'best in show' award was 75904 Mystery Mansion. The set bears a striking resemblance to 9468 Vampyre Castle from the Monster Fighters theme, high praise indeed considering the excellence of that model.

Now that I have the set in my possession I have to admit to being very slightly disappointed. It is a superb model on the whole and has enormous play value but some areas of the interior are lacking in detail which is a shame. However, the exterior looks spectacular and there is a brilliant selection of minifigures so I am still pleased with the set, just slightly less so than I had hoped.

Read on and see what you think...

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Issue one of Star Wars comic out now

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Issue 1 of Egmont Publishing's LEGO Star Wars comic is out in newsagents and supermarkets today in the UK. Like other similar titles concerning Chima, Ninjago and Friends, it consists primarily of cartoons and puzzles of limited interest to adult buyers but its saving grace is the cover mounted 'free' gift which on this issue is a mini X-Wing.

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Small Scenes from a Big Galaxy

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It's a busy time of year for LEGO book publishers at the moment as they release new books for the summer, and reveal details about those that will be available in time for the holiday season.

Of the latter, one that's only just come to light is Small Scenes from a Big Galaxy to be published by DK in November. It features the superb photography of Vesa Lehtimaki a.k.a. Avanaut whose work you are probably already familiar with.

Yesterday published details and some sample spreads:

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Win all six Jurassic World sets

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Toys blog ToysWorld has teamed up with LEGO to offer its visitors the chance to win all six Jurassic World sets.

To enter, all you have to do is tell us your favourite dinosaur in the comments box at its website as well as your name and town. You can also email your entry to [email protected].

The competition runs until this Saturday, 1st August and winner will be announced at ToysWorld shortly afterwards.

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I Love that Minifigure Zombie Skateboarder

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The minifigure that will be attached to the forthcoming DK book I Love That Minifigure was revealed yesterday and DK has just sent us a picture. It will be a zombie skateboarder based on the minifigure from series 1 of the Collectable Minifigures, which fits right in with the theme of the series 14.

You can read the synopsys of the book and pre-order it from and It's set for publication at the beginning of October.

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CMF Series 14 collector sheet found

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TheBrickFan has posted this image of the collector sheet from the series 14 minifigures which provides final confirmation of the sixteen figures to be available:

  • Werewolf, Zombie Pirate, Crazy Scientist, Witch
  • Plant Monster, Fly Monster, Spectre, Zombie Cheerleader
  • Tiger Woman, Gargoyle, Skeleton Guy, Monster Rocker
  • Zombie Businessman, Banshee, Bigfoot, Spider Lady

I have to say, they look excellent and it will definitely be worth picking up a whole case of 60 and keeping them all.

See a large version of the collector sheet after the break.

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Build your own Friends and Ninjago adventures

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Two new DK books are set to be published this weekend: LEGO Friends Build your own Adventure and LEGO Ninjago Build your own Adventure. Both come with a bag of bricks which includes either a minifig or mini-doll.

The best thing about them however, is that the models that grace their pages have been designed by a couple of well known UK AFOLs.

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