Jurassic World: first image

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The French consumer catalogue has provided us with our first view of Jurassic World, and also states that the six sets will be released at the start of June, just before the film's premiere.

The image shows a T-Rex, two raptors and a Pterodactyl that all look similar to those in the 2012 Dino theme which is unsurprising but disappointing.

Via Jurassic Bricks and TheBrickFan.

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Star Wars Advent Calendar Review - Day 19

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In an unexpected twist the Star Wars Advent Calendar has taken a turn towards seasonal gifts rather earlier than usual today! This mini speeder, which presumably belongs to General Reikken, appears on the front of the box, but since it carries a present I thought it might be kept for a day nearer to Christmas.

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2015 Set Sightings - Update #3 (UK)

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We just have an update for the UK today as no further news has come in from overseas since our second update a couple of days ago.

Toymaster stores have received a delivery today containing City, Disney Princess and Friends sets along with Series 13 of the Collectible Minifigures. These have been put straight out on the shelves and are available now, presumably in every branch.

Although only a few sets have appeared so far, experience of past years suggests that usually a trickle becomes a torrent pretty rapidly. We will keep you up to date with further developments during the next few days both in the UK and elsewhere in the world.

If you have spotted any 2015 sets near you, please tell us in the comments.

Update: We have also heard that City sets are being put on the shelves in Toys R Us stores. We know they are in Oxford and hopefully they will soon arrive in other stores around the country.

Update: Sulmans, a store in Scarborough has the new Legends of Chima and Friends sets available for sale.

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