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If you're new around here you may not know that we provide an archive of official LEGO desktop wallpapers because, once the product line has finished, LEGO remove them from their website.

Today I've updated it with new Atlantis, HERO Factory and a few others but if you know of some we don't yet have, let me know.

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By in Germany,

Huw, the first-year Atlantis wallpapers are called "Atlantis (2009)"! They're from 2010!

By in United States,

Nice! I never knew this exsisted.
Like the PQ gallery.

By in United States,

There are some new Star Wars wallpapers on the site. :-)

By in United Kingdom,

Like superbrick, I never did know about the wallpapers till about a month or two after i joined. Great to see some new ones. And yes Alemas, i was thinking the same thing when i saw the mistake!

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