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Log Cabin

Log Cabin

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A message from Stuart F today reminded me to post something about the deep discounts at at the moment. Some sets, like the Hogwart's Express are 50% off, while Atlantis 'Guardian of the Deep' (the shark) is 75% off, at just £3.80! The Creator log cabin is 30% off as well.

Prices fluctuate by the hour at Amazon so if you want some of the action, head over there right away. Here's a link to the Bestsellers in LEGO store that contains them all (and also Brickset's referral code, so you can help the site while you shop!)

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By in United Kingdom,

I bought the hogwarts express from amazon when it was £59.99, I thought that was cheap. I wish I hadn't now.

By in United Kingdom,

sorry for being stupid but where is the Brickset's referral code?

By in United States,

@Hob: The brickset referral code is embedded in the "Bestsellers in Lego store" hotlink provided by Huw, so you don't need to do anything more than follow the link and make purchases. The same should be true for any purchase link you see on the site.

By in United Kingdom,

Sounds good, I wish I hadn't bought the Shark when it was full price :(
On another note, I got a series 4 Gnome figure today which had TWO hat pieces and NO beard piece!

By in United Kingdom,

Some of them have already gone back up in price a bit... The bestsellers list is showing slightly lower prices on some, then when you click thru to the product page the price is a higher current price!

By in United Kingdom,

Oh oh - 51% off the Hogwart's Express is just too good to miss.... Enjoy the referral fee !

By in United Kingdom,

Thanks for the heads up. One Hogwarts Express and one Log Cabin on its way to me now :-)

By in Ireland,

I wish I had patience and waited for the Harry Potter sets to come down in price, I bought them before Christmas, but I did buy the log cabin just now, and an external harddrive for my computer, thanks for the heads up Huw! Until recently they wouldn't ship electronics or Lego to Ireland, but I'm so glad that Amazon ship pretty much everything to Ireland now, and free shipping too, nice. :)

By in Belgium,

Seems that the big discounts are over already. :(

By in United Kingdom,

Bought the Pharaoh's Quest Cursed Cobra set with 31% off the RRP :)

By in United Kingdom,

Bought the Hogwarts Express set - great value! Thanks for the tip

By in United States,

Current info on sets more than 25% off (even though I live in the US):

7630 Front-end Loader £5.65

series 3 minifigures £1.50

7208 Fire Station £34.95

7639 Camper £10.46

5891 Apple Tree House £27.99

626 Green baseplate £5.05

7287 Police Boat £16.89

7741 Police Helicoptor £6.99

5866 Rotor Rescue £6.89 but need 2 more days for delivery

3845 Shave a Sheep £5.67

7631 Dump Truck £9.05

3838 Lava Dragon £4.99 (50% off!)

log cabin mention above, still £17.99

6743 Street Speeder £7.19

The Burrow Harry Potter £44.99

3180 Tank Truck £10.45

3182 Airport £55.95

3181 Passenger Plane £24.45

Orient Bazaar £6.49(64% off!!)

Hogwarts game £15.99

3847 Magma Monster £4.99(50% off!)

3177 Small Car £2.55

8086 Droid Tri-Fighter £17.79

3841 Minotaurus £9.99

8077 Atlantis Exploration HQ £27.95

3833 Krusty Krab Adventures £17.99

Train Station £24.45

8048 Buggy £17.99

8058 Guardian of the Deep £8.69

8060 Typhoon Turbo Sub £14.99

8087 Tie Denfender £24.30

7594 Woody's Roundup £28.00

8057 Wreck Raider £4.85 but needs 2 extra days for delivery

Atlantis Treasure £14.74

8411 ChromaStone £8.30

7597 Western Train Chase £41.95 (49% off!)

7936 Level Crossing £10.45

and finally...

7207 Fire Boat £27.95 but needs 2 extra days for delivery

A lot on sale for sure in the UK in case noone wants to go to the Amazon site.

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