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With the Easter school holiday period coming soon, it appears that Myer, Toys 'R' Us and Target are all running various promotions to get you to buy LEGO sets from their shelves in time for these holidays.

  • Target is running a 20%-off sale from the 7th of April until the 13th of April. There are reports that they are carrying all of the new LEGO City Space sets (3365, 3366, 3367 and 3368).
  • Myer apparently has "special introductory pricing" on the new City Space sets 3368 and 3367, listing them as "save $20.00 each".
  • Toys 'R' Us is running a 20%-off sale on all LEGO apart from all Ninjago sets and all LEGO Games. This sale is from now until the 10th of April.

There is also print advertising showing that Big W is also carrying the new LEGO City Space sets.

Happy shopping folks!

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The Myer catalog actually states that 3368 is $20 off for $99 and 3367 is $10 off for $39.95.
If you have a Myer One card you can get an additional 10% off though.

By in Australia,

Just to add to Biggy's post, the extra 10% is valid up until the 10th (Sunday)

By in Australia,

Hooray, at last some Lego sales in Australia.

By in United States,

I went to Target (Melbourne, Bourke St) last night where they had 20% off Lego.

They have some of the new 2011 Technic sets:
- Super Car (
- Backhoe Loader (
- Rescue Helicopter (
- Mini Mobile Crane (

They also had Series 4 Collectible Minifigures ( They had about 2 dozen boxes (in two different locations in the store), and some look like they hadn't been gone through yet. I managed to 'feel' through them and get one of each, @ AU$3.92 each. I also picked up an extra 2 Musketeers - to make the 3 Musketeers :-D

They still had quite a few boxes of Series 3 Collectible Minifigures too (, but they all looked like they had been gone through.

By in Australia,

only buy lego on sale. with the dollar the way it is it is $60 cheaper or more for sets over $200 online like ebay. the mersk train is $120us but we have to pay $200au. if we hade the same price as the usa i would buy direct online from lego and only have to pay $150 with shipping.

By in Australia,

Hey Guys, have you seen this website?

Not to take anything from Brickset, but these guys have Lego Shopping updates weekly. Check it out.

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