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Eiffel Tower

The biggest fan run LEGO event in France, the FANA'BRIQUES event in Alsace, starts on Friday 24th June and runs over that weekend. You can read the full details on the event website, here - ... 50f011dc71

The opening times are :

Friday 24th : Evening from 7pm to 11pm
Saturday 25th : From 10am to 6pm
Sunday 26th : From 9am to 5pm

It's an international event with about 100 exhibitors from several countries. If you plan to attend, do let us know how it goes!

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By in United States,

It seems interesting, does lego do anything like this in the US?

By in United Kingdom,

This isn't organised by the LEGO company; like all the other events we've mentioned in the last few days, it's organised & run by AFOLs. There are quite a few events like this in the US each year, Brickworld Chicago being the next one.

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