PLUG announces TOMAR BRInCKa 2011, Jul 1 - 3

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We've received word of another event in Portugal:

PLUG (Portuguese LEGO Users Group) will again organize its large annual LEGO Fan Event - TOMAR BRInCKa 2011.

The city of Tomar was founded as headquarters of the Knights Templar in Portugal in the 12th century and contains some of the most significant Templar monuments in Europe. This year the event happens simultaneously with the local traditional festivities, which happen every four years in the middle of many flower decorations - "Festa dos Tabuleiros".

The event will take place at the municipal pavilion and will extend over 1.100 sqm (almost 12.000 sqf).

Dates and opening hours: 1.Jul (Fri) > 10:00 - 22:00, 2.Jul (Sat) > 10:00 - 23:00, 3.Jul (Sun) > 12:00 - 18:00

This edition will feature many LEGO creations such as dioramas, models, several city layouts with over 60 sqm (approx. 650 sqf) and demonstrations with LEGO Technic and MINDSTORMS models. Besides the exhibition there will be also a several activities for the kids visiting the event, and a 24sqm (260sqf) mosaic to build with the help of our visitors.

TOMAR BRInCKa 2011, will have also a delegation of AFOLs from The Brickish Association, visiting us and exhibiting some of their constructions.

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By in United States,

Wow that sounds fun! I wish I was heading toward Tomar instead of another location for the Fourth of July Holiday. I've had the opportunity to visit Tomar and the castle there (Convento de Cristo) which is amazing. I still look at the pictures that I took there for inspiration on building castle MOCs. My ultimate castle Lego goal would be to create a replica of that castle.

Here's a link to a site with pictures of the Castle/Convent.

I think the Claustro de D. João III which is a courtyard area inside the castle with a fountain in the middle is just awesome. You have all these spiral staircases going from one floor to the other in all four corners and there is just fantastic design all throughout the castle.

Maybe I will have to plan something for a future year...Is this a new annual Fan Event?

Um dia, voltarei

By in Portugal,

As an associate of PLUG it's obviously i'll be there.

@MCNwakeboard - As long as the as Town Hall keeps the interest and invites us to do it, you can bet it's going to be Annual :)

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