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The following sets have just been reduced by more than 25% at

You can view all sets currently discounted at on our Amazon bargain watch page.

Note: If you'd prefer not to see these alerts you can change your news preferences to hide them.

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By in Germany,

It's curious to note that despite the implementation of this feature, the "Brickset effect" hasn't yet occurred... I expected Amazon prices to go back up, instead, they're still fluctuating.

By in United Kingdom,

....and now only 4% off !

Gotta be quick......

By in United States,

^ looks like the 'Brickset effect' did indeed occur then!

By in Germany,

@Huw: Good grief! :P Delete the article, then. :P Can you delete it automatically, Huw? When the discount goes below 25% or 30%, "Huwbot" should delete the article automatically.
@DrDave: Why are you interested, it's, not ;)

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