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At last, it seems that the Muji LEGO sets are readily available outside Japan. If you haven't heard of them before, they consist of LEGO bricks and sheets of paper which, when used with the separately available hole punch, can be used to make paper models held together with LEGO bricks.

You can see the selection available and order them from the Muji US website

I actually have three of the sets thanks to a friend who has a relative in Japan, but I haven't done much with them, or added them to the database yet, one reason being they don't have set numbers or any kind of unique identifier except for their barcode. So I guess I'll have to make them up...

However, they do look like fun, that is if you can bring yourself to cut and punch the supplied paper and not keep it MISB!

(thanks to Jeffrey S for the news)

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By in Germany,

Don't your daughters like the "sets"? :P Or your wife? :P

By in United States,


By in Europe,

Some sets were available from Muji UK London store earlier this year, not sure if still available. They look great, have three purchased for our daughter. She will be getting these at Christmas.

By in Hong Kong,

LEGO x Muji items have been available in Hong Kong for a considerable period of time.

By in United States,

I shall pass on this.

By in Curaçao,

@Rich, yes I heard they were available from their Covent Garden store, but nowhere else. I never managed to get there.

By in United Kingdom,

To save you self squinting at the pictures (or is that just my browser?) this video gives you an idea of what they involve.

Interesting concept, and I guess an attempt appealing to a wider audience by combining local/traditional interests with lego.

By in Canada,

You know if you got the hole punch you could do it yourself. Still, nice idea.

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