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My good friend Serge from BeLUG, the Belgian LEGO user group, has asked me to tell you about their forthcoming LEGO Expo being held in the Apollo Hall, Antwerp on the 26th and 27th of November.

It's billed as 'An expo with LEGO bricks with MOCs, LEGO Truck Trial demos and selling of loose parts and sets', so it sounds as if it will be a good day out.

There's more information on the BeLUG website.

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By in Netherlands,

I have found the same folder in a toy shop in the Belgium city of Sint-niklaas.
The only thing I wanna say, is that the Dutch lego group 'De Bouwsteen', has events to, but I never see them on the site. Also the biggest lego event in the world, the Dutch LegoWorld, is never mentioned here.

By in United Kingdom,

We can only publicise what we are made aware of. I'll be happy to add the Dutch events to the site if the organinsers get in touch beforehand.

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