London Drugs 20% off all LEGO until 31 January 2012.

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Mandalorian Battle Pack

Since Christmas is nearing, a few sales to note:

London Drugs has a 20% off sale on all LEGO running until January 31st 2012. Toys R Us does have comparable sales on with their popular buy one get one 1/2 off sales on selected themes (25% off). Until Nov. 17, those themes will be Alien Conquest and Pharaoh's Quest.

I am sure Toys R US will have similar sales in the weeks to follow but with different themes. The disadvantage of these sales compared to London Drugs is the fact that you must buy two identically priced sets to get the full 25% off value, and they both must fall in the selected theme.

London Drugs vs. Toys R Us: the choice is yours...

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By in Canada,

I was able to collect all of the Collectable Minifigs 5 at LD with the 20% off promo and it was pretty great saving quite a few bucks. I'm not happy about how Toys R Us stores actually have a lower percentage sale than what is advertised on their website but combine with Airmile promo since I don't use Airmile at all. I'm not sure whether that happens only in the Vancouver region or other places as well.

By in Canada,

I scour London Drugs all the time (found a few hard to find polys) and collected Series 3 complete on discount there. I also find TRU's percentage to be off by 5% usually from thier advertised price (Edmonton) although I collect Air Miles but id rather have the proper pricing.

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