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Snowtrooper Battle Pack

Toys R Us, Canada, is having a 1/2 price sale starting Friday November 25 through Thursday December 1st on the Snow Trooper Battle Pack (8083) and the Rebel Trooper Battle Pack (8084). At $7.47 each, it's an easy buy for anyone building a hoth MOC.

My flyer says the sale can be store specific, so please check your own local flyer.

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By in Canada,

Don't forget that TRU (Can) is also listing Portal of Atlantis for HALF PRICE:

I knew about these sales ahead of time since I have inside help... though I'm sworn to secrecy! I popped in my local TRU branch and picked up 3 Rebel Trooper BPs (which there were dozens of!!!) and the last 5 Snow Troop BPs. Of course, having eyed the set for a while, I couldn't stop myself from purchasing the the big Atlantis set.

Getting 50% off plus an emloyee discount means one "heck" of a saving... although my folks still weren't too happy about it!

By in United States,

My biggest surprise was finding TRU had the Star Wars Advent calander for $29.99 at the black Friday sale (here in the states)

By in Canada,

In Canada: both the City and Starwars advent calendars had been moved to clearance; which amounts to a $10 savings respectively. I noticed this early shift a day or two BEFORE the current flyer "black Friday" deals.

Given all the other deals there were only a few parents who happened to pick an advent calendar off the shelf... so even a few days after the price adjustment, I'd imgine someone's local TRU would still have some of each.

I'm actually quite happy with TRU's recent deals. It was only last week that they'd thrown 8899 Gator Swamp on for half price too! Pfffft, todays spendings (sets listed in my first post) only came to around $107 after taxes!!!

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