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I have restored the following tables from backups taken in May.

  • Sets. The sets table is more-or-less complete. Some recent additions don't have names or release dates but Grahame and I will be updating them over the next few days.
  • Users. If you registered after the beginning of May you'll need to register again.
  • Reviews. All reviews have been restored because I took a backup the night before the disk failure. However, reviews less than 200 characters long have been deleted in an attempt to improve the quality and in future it won't be possible to post one-liners any more. Reviews by users who registered after the beginning of May are now unattributable to the reviewer, but will still appear. Reviews for sets added after the beginning of May have been lost, although there were only a few of those anyway.

Tomorrow I will restore the review ratings and collections tables. I probably won't bother with news and news comments.

You may log in now and write reviews (and I encourage you to do so) but review ratings and collections will be overwritten tomorrow so don't bother to add any!


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