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7570 Prince of Persia The Ostrich Race$12.67$7.3237%

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By in United States,

Decent price.
For the life of me...I go to Toys R Us here in Queens and for the entire year they STILL have PoP on the shelf, collection dust literally, same spot..never ever a discount. No kid wants to buy it. Even when they have BOGO's. And to top it off, it's above retail price too. I just don't get TRU on this PoP line. Drop the price to 80% off already...and clear the way for the new sets dagnabit!...yeesh!
End of rant.

By in Canada,

^ Wow that is crazy.

By in United States,

My local TRU has one lone market battle (or whatever the $30 set is called) sitting around on its shelves at $32.99. It's been since at least the beginning of summer. It's the only PoP set left there.

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