Brickvention, 21-22nd January 2012, Melbourne, Australia

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Brickvention is an Australian based convention for LEGO fans. It is a two-day event that brings together LEGO fans of all ages from all over Australia to view original and unusual creations built by Australian modellers and collectors. So if you love LEGO, come along and view the amazing creations and models.

The event features a huge collection of models including trains, castles, pirate ships, Star Wars, space ships, planes, buildings, sculptures and any more. There will also be competitions, face painting and LEGO sets and merchandise for sale.

The next Brickvention will be held over the weekend of 21st and 22nd January 2012 at The Melbourne Town Hall, corner of Swanston and Collins Streets Melbourne, Victoria, where anyone can come along and view the amazing creations made out of LEGO. Tickets are on sale at

To become a registered member participant for the members only day on Friday 20th January, visit the above website for further information or follow this link to the Brickvention 2012 registration page. Due to venue size, there are only 150 registrations available.

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By in Australia,

Great that its back but BAD that its back at the Town Hall, after this years huge turn out its only going to be bigger next year another 2 hour plus wait to get in... thats too long with kids in tow

By in Australia,

I don't think you have read the announcement fairly.

Some things you may have missed.

- the public days are now over two days.

- tickets are now available online rather than at the door and if you go to purchase them you will notice there are entry times and that each entry time is capped to a maximum amount.

Some things not said are,

- the exhibition space has been increased, at much cost to almost the entire Town Hall.

- the sellers, kids play area and the kiosk have been moved to the lower floor.

- the problem of people having to exit the venue through the people in the queue has been solved with the exit door on the lower level.

Believe me when I say the Organising Committee is more than aware of the overwhelming success of last year’s event and the crowds that ensured and have done much work and taken great pains to ensure that the difficulties with Brickvention 2011 are not repeated with Brickvention 2012.

As for the venue, the preferred venue for 2012, was not available due to renovation but good news we have secured The Royal Exhibition Building for 2013. So we need everyone's support to ensure 2012 is a great event so that we can make 2013 an even better one.


Brickvention Organising Committee

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