New German store now open - Saarbrücken, Germany

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Two months ago, we reported that LEGO were recruiting staff for a new store they had planned for Saarbrücken in south-west Germany.

Brickset member fabien7857 has emailed us to say that the store opened last Thursday. You can check out the store page on here.

Great news for LEGO fans in south west Germany, and north east France. Thanks for passing on the info fabien7857!

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I allready spent more than 150 € there ... and it's not over (i'm not sure this opening was such a good news eventually ;)

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Is there a map of LEGO stores in Germany? This new one is a 5 hour train trip, surely there must be one closer to where I live? Aha, the Köln one seems to be a mere two hours away. And I get to take the Thalys or the ICE -- bonus!

You'd think there would be a map on but that website is stuck in 2000 or so. Seriously, it cannot be that much trouble for them to create a Google map with pins for all their stores, instead of me having to select one from the menu and copying the address into Google maps.

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^^ Don't be greedy -- you already have a LEGOLAND Discovery Centre!

By in Canada,

^ Very handy! I should link to that from somewhere for future reference.

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