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7067 Space Jet-Copter Encounter$24.28$15.7139%
7156 HERO Factory Corroder$8.37$4.6236%

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By in United States,

This is a little in accurate. There is one listing for the Jet-Copter for 19 plus some for shipping, but its incomplete, missing the minifigures. Amazon has it for like 38.

By in United Kingdom,

^ That might be true now, but did you check three hours ago when the update was posted? If it's a good deal, it will often sell out fast.

By in United States,

I clicked within 5 mins of the news post going out on the RSS feed (so within 10 mins or so of the actual post) and it was gone already. Must have only had 1 or 2 at that price (or maybe 10 and one guy bought all 10).

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