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The team at AFOLCON have just announced the full line-up for this year's convention. Well, almost the full line-up - they still have one or two surprises left to come....

The full list of all the speakers and sessions is now available on our Agenda page, as is the full agenda for the weekend. We have two days packed full of LEGO fun, followed by a fantastic weekend too.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Adam Vaughan, Alex Bidolak, Bjarke Schonwandt, Duncan Titmash, Ed Diment and Mark Stafford will be presenting sessions, and there's a keynote speaker and a special guest yet to be announced!
  • All AFOLCON attendees are invited to join us as we take a special tour of the LEGOLand Discovery Centre, out of hours.
  • For AFOLs coming to The LEGO Show as an exhibitor or just a fan, we'll be hosting two special AFOLCON sessions on Saturday and Sunday nights - free to everyone to join in.
  • The AFOLCON auction will be held on Sunday night - your chance to get some great bargains with some VERY special lots.

We're also announcing a couple of deadlines. The show is filling up, so if you would like to exhibit your MOCs at The LEGO Show - you must register with us by the 1st April. If you don't want to display, the deadline to register for AFOLCON is slightly later - the 16th April. So make sure you're not late!

Finally, did you notice a change at Take a quick peek in the top right. We're pretty proud of that icon!


If you haven't already done so, go and grab a ticket today. I believe the BRICKSET20 20% discount code is still good, but it probably won't be for much longer. Unlike last year, this year I *will* be there, and will be staying at the Copthorne. Maybe I'll see a few of you in the bar?

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By in United Kingdom,

@Huw, is the discount only for the AFOLCON? Doesn't seem to be working for legoshow tickets?

By in United States,

I believe so.

By in United Kingdom,

@ Andhe
Yes, the Brickset 20% discount is for AFOLCON only.
The LEGO Show tickets are available at a discount to everyone if you buy them in advance of the show. Tickets bought on-the-day are up to 25% more.

By in United Kingdom,

I wish I could get there, as this is only about an hour away from me :-( That's what you get for buying Lego over driving lessons!

By in United Kingdom,

see you all there...=] I will be helping around too

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