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Price Saving Discount
2174 Ninjago Kruncha $1.98 $8.01 80%
2116 Ninjago Krazi $4.90 $5.09 51%
3836 Games Magikus $4.99 $5.00 50%
3861 Games LEGO Champion $9.99 $10.00 50%
5761 Creator Mini Digger $3.95 $2.04 34%
2256 Ninjago Lord Garmadon $6.80 $3.19 32%

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By in United States,

With the whole "shipping is way too high issue" these particular updates are becoming more spam than anything else.

Is there a way to list the shipping also in these updates?

Just sayin.

By in United Kingdom,

^ Where shipping is shown on the Amazon page it's added to the total price in order to calculate the discount.

The prices shown are generally accurate at the time the listing is generated BUT deals sell out within minutes and others take their place which usually explains any discrepancies - you've gotta be quick....

By in United States,

^ I think when most of these were triggered, they weren't from Amazon or "fulfilled by Amazon", though

By in United States,

I find it funny Kruncha is only $2, he was a really bad spinner anyway...

By in United States,

It looks like this is pre-shipping, which is some cases is MORE that the product's price.

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