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Price Saving Discount
2174 Ninjago Kruncha $1.98 $8.01 80%
3855 Games Ramses Return $2.00 $5.49 73%
7570 Prince of Persia The Ostrich Race $9.46 $10.53 53%
3861 Games LEGO Champion $9.99 $10.00 50%
4736 Harry Potter Freeing Dobby $5.95 $5.04 46%

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By in United States,

Kruncha, Freeing Dobby, and Ramses Return all went up by a couple dollars again, which is sad, because I was strongly considering buying them all at these low prices....

By in Israel,

I think that Amazon lowers the prices on purpose so that they will be reported here at a lower price, and then a couple hours later raises it back to its previous price.

Nothing ever stays at such a good price.

By in United States,

Lego champion is now over 20.00 anybody order any in time?

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