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I have restored all the data I have. Please now use the site normally. I'll be doing regular backups from now on, and I am sure our web host will be too.

I'd like to apologise if you have lost data as a result of the problems. I hope you'll consider entering it again and continue to visit the site. Running it wouldn't be half as much fun without you!

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I wasn't sure where to put this comment, so hopefully this will get noticed :) Is there any way to submit missing set information? I have the 315 Container Ship (from 1976), but cannot find it on Since I am trying to keep a complete list of my sets on this site, it would be nice to be able to add that one as well. Is there any way to submit the information about the set to you, or could you get it from other sites (LUGNet and Peeron both have it listed).

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