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Christoph Bartneck has been busy of late. Hot on the heels of the three minifig books he published earlier in the month is this new title, The Complete LEGO Figure Catalog, that deals with 'non-standard' figures.

The Unofficial LEGO figure catalog Its just-over-100 pages covers LEGO 'people' (for want of a better term) that are not minifigs, which includes 4 Juniors, Belville, Bionicle, Duplo, Primo, Scala, Technic and, probably of most interest to us here, Fabuland.

As with his other books, each figure has been given a number in his nomenclature system, which you can read more about in my review of the first minifig book. This, and the BrickLink number, is given underneath each image, along with a price guide in US$ for new and used figures.

The Unofficial LEGO figure catalogThis is the first page of the Scala section. I felt a bit 'dirty' after looking at pictures of the dolls with no clothes on :-)

This is a unique reference work and if you're a collector of even just one of the themes covered, it is worth getting hold of a copy.

Paper copies of all of Christoph's books can ordered from Amazon: |

There's more information about them, including links to order electronic copies, at the official website,

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By in United States,

*sees screenshot with Scala page*

*sees line about it*


By in New Zealand,

You should focus you attention away form the naked Scala crew and figure out what figures you see on the left page ;-)

By in Denmark,

Okay, now I've looked at the naked Scala figures long enough to focus on the figures on the left page.
They are Drome Racers - a subtheme of racers ca 2002. The rabbit is from a Nestlé promotional set - 4299 I think.

By in United Kingdom,

Lovely looking book which I would love to have , but £55!!! its a little bit steep for a book which will require constant updating.

By in United Kingdom,

Surely you could get done for (Lego) child pornography - that last one's only a baby :o)

By in Germany,

They released lots of different types of figures over the years, but they haven't managed to better the minifigure yet.

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