[UK] May the 4th be with you!

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FREE Exclusive Minifigure, Free Delivery, and Poster with any LEGO Star Wars order of £50 or more! Valid 4.5.12 - 5.5.12

Today and tomorrow only, click on the banner above to take advantage of these offers at shop.LEGO.com:

  • FREE Delivery on all orders of £50 or more.
  • FREE Exclusive TC-14 minifigure on any LEGO Star Wars order of £50 or more. (while supplies last)
  • FREE R2-D2 poster with any LEGO Star Wars order. (while supplies last)
  • Price reductions on the following sets:

20% off:

  • 10221 Super Star Destroyer
  • 10212 Imperial Shuttle

10% off:

  • 7961 Darth Mauls Sith Infiltrator
  • 7964 Republic Frigate
  • 7962 Anakin's and Sebulba's Podracers
  • 7929 The Battle of Naboo
  • 7956 Ewok Attack

Now's the ideal time to order R2-D2: free shipping AND a free TC-14 which is bound to join the ranks of the chrome Vader and stormtrooper as one of the most sought-after figs in the Star Wars universe!

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By in United Kingdom,

if you just want the minifigure buy a set which is over £50 then sell it on ebay, 1 free minifigure!

or if you want a free set you could buy a set around £50 to get the tc-14, and sell the tc-14 on ebay for £50, 1 free set!

By in United Kingdom,

I see that it adds the poster and figure to the basket whatever you put in there over £50 as it did last year with the ARF Trooper. Thats quite good seeing as those reductions are shocking, you could get things cheaper than that on Amazon any day of the week.

Edit: Im just saying it added it to the basket, don't blame me if you complete checkout and you don't get the fig for a non star wars purchase. It did work for me last year though when I ordered just POC stuff I still got the free figure.

By in United Kingdom,

I just can't do it. I really want this minifigure but, what with Lord of The Rings sets coming soon, these Star Wars sets are just average in comparison (and cheaper on Amazon and Boots). I have all the SW sets I thought were OK from this time round so nothing here worth paying over £50 for me.

If Jabba's Palace and the next lot of SW LEGO were on offer then hell yeah! Sign me up.

I'll pass, LEGO.

By in Germany,

I have just ordered the VW Camper from Lego Germany and got the TC-14 and the poster too. You just have to order ANYTHING over 55 EUR and you get the MF and poster free.

By in Netherlands,

I'm having troubles placing the order.
Everything is filled out right.
What's wrong...I'm gonna miss my May the 4th be with you -promo's.

By in United Kingdom,

I just bit the bullet on a Black Pearl -Ive been looking for a good discount and couldnt find one so the checkout says I'm getting a TC14 so if I get it it will take the sting out of the pearl..Fingers crossed!

By in United Kingdom,

To be quite honest i'd rather wait until the hulk figure giveaway this one really dissapointed me, I mean a protocol droid that appeared for a minute or so in the phantom menace! Why not include something like the darth maul at toy fair i'd sell my soul for that!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh well I'll wait for the hulk btw the price reductions are awful.

By in United States,

Curse you Lego. $130 combined off of the SSD and the Imperial Shuttle? Why do you have to do this when I'm broke?

By in Hungary,

MvdS, same problem here in Hungary, I can't place my order. I've already tried from different PCs, and in different browsers. :(

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