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Harry PotterThe Dorling Kindersley book Harry Potter Characters of the Magical World has been published this week in the UK and can be ordered from Amazon. It'll be available in the USA in a couple of weeks.

It's the same size and format as the Star Wars Character Encylopedia and features, it says, 'every LEGO Harry Potter minifigure and creature'.

As is usual with DK books, the photography is excellent, even though I say so myself: it features several hundred images that I was commissioned to take for it :-)

Also in common with recent DK books, it comes with a unique minifig. It's Harry Potter in the outfit he wore to the 'Slug Club Christmas party', apparently. It has to be said that it's a bit boring but I think it's safe to assume that this will the last Harry Potter theme minifig ever, so it's one collectors will want to own anyway.

I'll do a longer review and post pictures of the book in due course. If you can't wait for that, you can order/preorder it from Amazon below.

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By in Canada,

Playing HP 5-7 right now, it's a shame - there are so many characters they could still do in minifig form. Didn't need three Lucius Malfoys, or two Fenrir Greybacks, two Hagrids... I get why Diagon Alley came with the three main characters, but for such a wonderful set... ahhh well. I have way too many Harry heads & hairpieces in the pile. I would really have loved Sirius from OotP, in that great pinstriped suit - much less more members of the Order in general (Tonks!).

(and you know, ravenclaw/hufflepuff crested uniforms. One minifig, anywhere, somewhere...)

By in Hong Kong,

I bought this book from HMV in Hong Kong a couple of weeks ago ... Not sure why it is already available ...

By in Poland,

A new (LAST ONE!) HP minifugure is such a failure...
Well, at least Harry is dressed in 'funeral suit', because we definitely won't see him again.

Good bye! :'(

By in Ireland,

I would have used the link but I just happened to buy it from amazon this morning, along with preordering the batman one and the minifigures series 1-7 sticker book, looking forward to their arrival through the letterbox! (well, through the door, the letterbox is probably too small.)

By in United States,

I take it that our friend Harry is of a far eastern origin?

By in Ireland,

P.S. Congratulations @Huw for playing a big part in the making of the HP book, can't wait to see all your photos! :)

By in United Kingdom,

^^^ yes, he's of Chinese origin, ^^ thanks, and ^ yes I was.

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