Lego shoveling money into...?

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That strange headline is Google's translation of the title of an article published today on the Danish site Jyllands-Posten. 'Lego skovler penge ind'. I think it means 'LEGO is making loads of money' :-)

The jist of the article, courtesy of Google translate, is that despite difficult economic times, LEGO continues to increase its profit and that LEGO Friends has been a huge success, with sales of the range more than double their initial expectations.

Read it for yourself, through Google Translate. (thanks icey117)

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By in United Kingdom,

I'm told that "Lego shovels in money" is more accurate.

By in United Kingdom,

No, Paul - it's us that are shovelling money...into the LEGO coffers.


By in Curaçao,

I've found the press release, let's cancel this article and start again :-)

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