The Super Heroes movie competition is now closed

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There was a flurry of activity overnight and the total number of movies submitted ended up being 34, which is very impressive! You can see them all for yourself in the forum.

I've had a great time watching them as they have been added but now I need to judge them properly and find a winner. However, so that it's not just down to my preferences, I'd like to enroll three other people to help judge them.

Update: I have enough volunteers now, thank you!

I'll aim to publish the results later this week, although next weekend is GWLS and I'm a bit tied up in preparations for that, so it might be early next week. So stay tuned, and thank you to everyone who's entered. Good luck!

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By in Norway,

I got an Idea - Could be the winning movie (or first 3?) featured on the sidebar of the main page for some time? Something like was Cuusoo corner??

By in Canada,

I should have entered especially since I've been making brickfilms for over 2 years now and have an entire YouTube channel dedicated to it. Maybe next time.

By in United Kingdom,

I can't seem to download my movie to YouTube or device. I wonder if downloading ios6 prior has anything to do with it?

By in United States,

What was the prize

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