GWLS: 3 days to go

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The biggest LEGO show in the UK calendar is now just 3 days away. Virtually the whole of the UK AFOL community will descend on Swindon this weekend for what promises to be the best GWLS yet.

I hope you've enjoyed reading the official blog that I've been contributing to over the last month or so. I've been writing about some of the people, models and vendors that will be there, and yesterday we published the list of the presentations that'll be taking place on both days. They are always very entertaining and worth taking 15 minutes out to go and watch. They also provide a welcome opportunity to sit down for a while!

As you know, we are providing badges for Brickset users so that we can identify each other. If you put your name on the list last week, we'll have a printed badge for you that can be collected from the admin. desk just inside the entrance of the large exhibition hall. If you didn't put your name on the list, don't worry, we'll also have some blanks that you can write your name on.

I've just put the finishing touches on my section of railway for the GWLTC train layout and I'm now about all ready to go. I hope to see loads of you there!

Update: the floor plan has been published: the GWLTC layout will be right next to the admin desk, so it'll be even easier for you to find me, if you want to that is!

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I get more excited with every day that passes, every year it seems to get better and better!

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