News from the Iberian Peninsula

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Here's a couple of items Lluis from HispaBrick has sent me that I've been meaning to post:

Toys R Us promotion

From today to Oct 31st:

- Star Wars and CITY - 2nd unit at 50% (Discount on the cheaper set)
- If you spend 30€ or more on SW products you'll get a 5000062 Darth Maul for free

Hispabrick Magazine event in December

The event will take place in Terrassa, province of Barcelona on 7 and 8 December 2012. The exhibition area will be located on the first floor of the Museu de la Ciència i de la Tècnica de Catalunya (mMACTEC)
Rambla d'ègara, 270 - 08221 Terrassa

The event will be open to the public during both days, but if you would like to participate as an exhibitor and share in the experience of a LEGO event you need to register. You can do so by filling in this form. You'll be able to exhibit and participate in the exclusive activities for exhibitors that will take place during the event.

More information is available at the Hispabrick Magazine website.

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By in Portugal,

I find some resentment in the picture above. The Iberian Peninsula is composed of two countries - Portugal and Spain. Above is only the spanish national flag. If the news is referring to the Iberian penisula the Portuguese flag should be there too, otherwise the news should only state that the promotion is in Spain.

By in United Kingdom,

Hello Reekardoo, I'm not a Brickset Admin but I just wanted to say that I have met Huw a few times and he is a very courteous and professional person. He is also a very busy person. The news title and showing only the Spanish flag will be a genuine unintentional error. I am sure that Huw will correct the error as soon as he sees your comment. I have visited both Portugal and Spain and I know that in both countries the people are equally friendly, the food is equally wonderful, the scenery is equally awe-inspiring and the architecture is equally magnificent :-)
Best Wishes, Neil

By in United States,

I'm sorry you've taken offence Reekardoo, it certainly wasn't my intention. The news is from the Iberian peninsula, from one country on it. I could have just said 'Spanish news' but that would have been boring.

I too have been to Spain and Portugal and, indeed, they are both great countries.

By in Australia,

Get over it Reekardoo. We are all just one world anyway :)

By in Portugal,

oh I've been over it for some years now. But I've realized many people don't know there's a tiny rectangle near spain and tend to think spain is Iberia.
My intention was to stirr minds up and give them the knowledge of my country's sometimes forgotten existence. :)
The way written was just to catch people's eyes and carve that same knowledege in their minds - people remember better when replying to a provocative post.
I wasn't really offended :) just making a point...sorry for that Huw.
Too bad TLG treats iberia as a secondary market and we rarely get good discounts at the few authorised shops (in Portugal it's almost a monopoly, I don't know how the EU abides this) ... it so happen Portugal is one of the countries that "consumes" more LEGO in a ratio with its Raw Domestic Product... :D

so... if this is the same world why LEGO cost more here???

By in Gibraltar,

Iberian Peninsular has 4 countries - Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Gibraltar (ok of the last two one is a principality and the other and British overseas territory)

But LEGO is one of those wonderful things that spans all classes, political, ethnics does not matter as if we ever disagree on anything or 'take offence' we'll just talk about lego instead...

By in United States,

I'll be happy to post more news from Portugal and Gibraltar but of course I need people to send it to me!

I dodn't find any LEGO shops in Gib. while there briefly last year. Are there any?

By in Gibraltar,

Huw, In Gibraltar there is a chain of two shops which have a decent Lego section between them - fluctuates throughout the year and they've brought in a decent selection and even minifigs (though a couple of series behind the rest of the world) in time for the holidays season... the technic is always last year's models though

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