Fancy starting a LUG in the Baltic states?

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Last week the LEGO community team asked me to find out if there were any members in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania that were active on the online AFOL scene, or a member of a LUG in their country. So, I took a look in the member database and found there to be around 50 registered members in those countries. I took the liberty of emailing them to ask if they knew if there was a LEGO 'scene' in their country.

The replies were generally the same: "not that I know of, but I wish there was and if you find out that there is, do let me know."

Unfortunately then, there doesn't appear to be any LUGs in those countries but the will to start them looks like it's there.

So, I wondered whether posting something here so that like-minded individuals could get to know of each other's existence might be a good catalyst to get things moving. If you're up for it, post something in the comments -- there might be more AFOLs around where you live than you know! I don't know for sure, but I suspect the LEGO community team are keen to work with you for mutual benefit.

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By in Denmark,

Hi all, this would be great - I as the AFOL contact for the LEGO Group in Europe and also my colleagues at the local LEGO office in the Baltic States are ready to work with a LUG.

By in Latvia,

Hi from Latvia,
it seems, that in Latvia there are no active AFOL or LUG which could officially represent any group of fans. But still, there are many Lego fans who would be keen on taking activities or at least receive some special information for events or new products.
In Latvia there are some Lego clubs for youngsters (age 5-12) which are mostly hosted in municipality youth centers.

As I see, lasts 1-2 years Lego Baltics changed their tactics in Latvia (and maybe all Baltic states) to become here sort-of home market and setting challenging goal to "conquer minds and hearts" of youngsters and adults, by having massive sales activities in almost every kid's store and I bet - if there would be some local webpage for Lego fans it would rapidly get users and constant activity.

So if there are any activities planned in Latvia, please inform me via profile email.

By in Lithuania,

I would be really interested in such group if there would be any :). I've asked - maybe someone knows anything at (popular lithuanian parents forum). I hope some more lego fans will respond too :) Personally I'm 29 years old and recently took my old lego, bought some new, and after 14 years without lego, started building again :)

Taigi, jei yra ko nors is LT - atsiliepkit :)

By in United States,

Great idea to get something started there, but it's a long journey from America... Hope you can work something out. Good Luck!

By in Estonia,

Hello everybody!

I am also interested in founding a LUG. Personally, I am a collector. I have a "playroom" in Tallinn (don't be confused by my location, I am just visiting Lithuania now), where my friends often gather for "building evenings". I am glad to invite fellow members.

I am sure there are a lot of AFOLs in Baltic States, getting together would be great.

By in United Kingdom,

Excellent, get talking among yourselves and set something up!

By in Lithuania,

Hi Brothers in bricks,

Greetings from Lithuania!

Glad to be "discovered" by the Big World.

Our family is "legolized" since 1999. We believe that Lego is the best media to develop human creativity and actively promote and support this idea among our friends and colleagues.

We very encourage the establishment of any Lego related initiatives on our ground!

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