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Small house set

Continuing with the release of previously unavailable pictures, I have uploaded today photos of many Minitalia sets.

Gary Istok writes in his Unofficial LEGO sets/parts collectors' guide: "Minitalia was the name assigned to a new variation of LEGO type bricks produced in the early to mid 1970’s, for the Italian market only. It appears that around 1970 the Italian Parliament passed some laws to protect Italian businesses from foreign imports. LEGO was one of those imports. So in order to get around the import restrictions imposed in the early 1970’s TLG established an Italian Subsidiary that produced and sold new sets under the 'Minitalia' name."

It was made from a cheaper plastic and the parts were completely different: they use an 'X' rather than a tube underneath to provide clutching power. As you will see in the theme browser, the sets were pretty uninspiring, consisting mainly of basic sets and houses. There are images of the sets we don't have photos of at BrickLink, although some are tiny.

Today, they are little more than a curiosity and individual parts can be bought on BrickLink for a small sum although complete sets are hard to come by.

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By in Germany,

WOW! AMAZING! When I saw those sets at Bricklink, I was curious about the theme! Thanks a lot for the images Huw! Wait... did you have the Minitalia theme here before?

By in Canada,

No, I've just added it.

By in Sweden,

Most unexpected yet! This is as new to me as the Atlantis or Toy Story themes.

But you're right, apart for some interesting colours for some pieces, this looks kinda dull.

By in United Kingdom,

that's a nice little history but dull, if there are hardly any complete then they must be a collectors item

By in United States,

Ugh they mustve been terrible back then...but probably not so much on the X's clutching power

By in Italy,

Hi all! can I just give you a comment on what you say above? I was born in Italy in 1964 (and still proudly playing!) and I confirm that it was made from a cheaper with its 'X' and so on... but when you say that the sets were pretty uninspiring, consisting mainly of basic sets and houses, it is true and not at the same time! BELIEVE ME, when I received those Lego low-cost bricks at Xmas, it was a fete anyway! after almost 40 years, I still remember putting the new Minitalia House under the Xmas tree... it still shines in my mind...

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