New Part Projects on Cuusoo for the New Year (and New Zelda and New Reports)

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Well, its the first day of the year... well, tomorrow and I wanted to do something interesting for that. No set really came to mind and then I thought, New Year... New Parts.

Although no where near as popular as the MOCs, Cuusoo does allow users to submit a concept for a new part.

Other than the rule stating you can submit parts and a statement that the creator would receive an appropriately sized one time lump sum for their idea, there is very little information on how this would actually work.

Even more so than the unusual MOC project, part projects just can't seem to get any traction with support. This makes sense when you consider that non-hard-core LEGO fans are not likely to see the inherent value in these kinds of projects.

Based on the lack of overall information on the part review process and the difficulties they face, I have decided to just make one showcase of some of the more interesting parts rather than occasionally writing an article about one at a time.

In other news:

For the Zelda fans, there is a new Zelda project: Legend of Zelda: Iron Knuckle Encounter that has received nearly 200 support in less than two days.

And finally, for those obsessed with numbers, I have added a new reporting feature to my blog. The right sidebar includes daily support values for several projects with links to most projects. This reporting feature is still in beta so give me a note if you notice something wonky please.

2-way pieces
by Tekeridani

This is probably my favorite pair of parts on Cuusoo. They are simple but they introduce a lot of novel building opportunities. The one on the left allows for single plate SNOT design and the through hole allows for interfacing with rods or string. The curved edges also allow for a variety of orientations as well.


New Parts design for SNOT 2-sided stud (+inv)(+stud only for Brick2Plate, B2B, P2P)
by Nachapon

This "part" is the most supported on Cuusoo and is currently just shy of 1k. It is also produced by one of Cuusoo's most prolific parts publishers, Nachapon.

Like many parts projects, it has several designs for accomplishing a similar goal, this one being to facilitate SNOTing. The concept is well thought out. A big part of me would really love to have these parts. A smaller part of me thinks that having these would be cheating.


Curve builder parts
by Shayd_degrai

Everyone taking the time to read this article probably knows how to curve a wall: a 1 x 2 brick combined with 1 x 1 rounds. Its part intensive and time consuming. This element is supposed to address that need and perhaps help out on a few others.


New Parts Pack
by Thenerd

I often find myself wanting one stud hinges. Having an extra stud does not sound like a lot, but when you are building in micro-scale, every stud counts.

Additionally, only having one stud of connection would allow for some play in the parts, allowing for some rotation.

This project also proposes a variety of tiles, so if you support the project, make sure to express in the comments which parts you are really interested in.


Minifigure Belt with attachment points
by Potluck

I really like these elements. They would add a lot of variation to figures and with some creative techniques could result in some fascinating micro-builds.

However, a great difficulty in their manufacture is that they must be thin enough to allow for adhesion between torso and leg elements but thick enough that they won't break.

I have attempted this a few times personally with varying levels of success. I originally assumed LEGO would not consider producing something like this but then I saw something very similar in the Monster Fighter concept art. (Is this the point where someone tells me the art is a hoax?)


Corner Plate with Slide (angular roof rale)
by Rufus4x4

Sometimes the best aspect of seeing parts on Cuusoo is seeing that others have been just as frustrated as I am with the lack of a part.

That is all I have to say about this one.


Minifigure hand with attachment point
by Potluck

This is one of the most popular part projects on Cuusoo having received much fan-fair when it was initially published.

Although not too useful for "City" figs this is a perfect element for any super powered fig that could, for instance, have a Repulsor in their palm.


New Short Minifigure Parts
by Takanuinuva

I am actually surprised that these did not show up on Cuusoo on the first day as anyone with a minimal skill with photoshop could generate them. Also, I don't know anyone who has seen those stubby legs and at one point didn't think "I really wish these could bend."

In the end I imagine it is an issue of utility vs complexity (i.e. cost). Short figs just are not that common and in any theme where children dominate (Harry Potter), they just make the kids "Adult" scale. This design however triples the number of parts, moving none the less, and they need to be assembled in the factory on top of that.

The real nail in the coffin of this project is that LEGO did not make them for the Hobbit theme. I am sure the idea did not just slip their mind. This more than any other time would have been an excuse to introduce bendable short legs, and they didn't. But who knows, if 10,000 people request it, maybe they will reconsider.


clip elements on 1 x 1 round plates with through holes
by Glenbricker

This is my own part set so I won't spend much time on the subject other than to say, I think that these would allow for some interesting building opportunities and they share many of the advantages of the 2-way pieces.


Half Plates
by Dagsbricks

This is a very novel part, more so than it actually appears. The concept is not just to have holes instead of studs, but the plates are proposed to be the same height as a stud.

So, when you place one of these on a plate it is flush with the studs rather than covering them.

It is an interesting concept and Dagsbricks presents a few examples in the project.


New Plates and Tiles for Corners
by Spiderpudel

Technically these parts are missing the "teeth" marks to allow for studs but the images get the basic concept across, rounded plates. LEGO has finally introduced the 4 x 4 round with a 2 x 2 hole but personally I have always wanted the plate all the way on the left.


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By in United Kingdom,

Lots of very useful parts could be had here, but I doubt Lego would make many of them sadly. It seems to me that Lego are more interested in making new parts which can be made from other parts (POOPs) than anything else recently.

By in United States,

I can think of a couple of reasons those new hands would work for city as well.

Waitress carrying a tray, pizza maker spinning a pizza,

By in United States,


Great ideas. But it is a very specific application. Can you think other reasons a waitress and pizza maker would have a flat studded hand? More specifically a viable reason for them to have a downward or outstretched one?

By in United States,

The best in there is the Short Minifig Idea IMO. Everything else I can really do without, but each idea has it's ups and downs. While some would be really handy, some seem to only be for one function and one function alone. There is hope though, Lego has recently released a new piece in set 75000, the inverted 2x2 tile. :D

By in United States,

Whoo! Go Zelda!

(And thanks for the update, Huw)

(I know, I know, all that and Zelda is what I get out of it? lol)

By in United States,

Some plates with studs on both sides would make me so happy :)

LEGO could definably make those short mini legs, it would of made the Hobbit sets even better.

By in Canada,

I think the short legs are great and have already bought some from It may be more likely that some of these other parts get produced by companies like Big Ben Bricks and BrickArms whose production quality matches or exceeds that of LEGO and have already demonstrated that they can respond to the smaller market for such specialized parts.

By in United States,

That Zelda set is fantastic! I love the secret treasure reveal. It's all so beautiful. It's got my vote.

By in Philippines,

It's about time that these were brought into the open. These are mostly good ideas. I hope they get to pick up more supporters.

By in Canada,

All of these new elements look incredibly innovative and would definitely enhance a building experience. The only one I'm not sure about is the SNOT elements. They look dangerously like K'nex, and yes Huw they look a little like cheating to me as well.

By in Canada,

With all these custom parts ideas flying around it seems some people would just be happier with M*** B***s. And people wonder why sets don't look anything like they did 10 years ago.

By in United States,

Aah, what's the point of another Zelda project if they're just going to reject it a second time?

By in United States,

I think that the idea for the new hand is fantastic. I find it challenging to put a sword in a minifigure's hand without it looking extremely odd. There is another cuusoo model, however, that I think really needs support. It is "Lego Historical Periods" by fianat69. I couldn't find any reason for lego to reject it, and it is a very neat idea as it is.

By in United States,


I don't think they will reject it... they left the other one up, and specifically said this in the Review for the rejected Zelda project:

"Please note: If a project does not pass the LEGO Review please do not interpret that as an indication that we will not consider similar projects in the future."

I think they are watching for Ragaru's, as they feel the set quality is higher. And it's not far away from 10,000, either. And then there's the LEGO City: Undercover game being produced by Nintendo... we're a lot closer to LEGO The Legend of Zelda than you might think. :)

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