2012 City Advent Calendar instructions

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City Advent Calender 2012Thanks to MartinZ we now have a great scan of the City Advent calendar window-backs to add to the Star Wars and Friends ones we published last week.

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By in Norway,

Good Job! Thanks. It seems that scanning the calendar is going to be a new post-Christmas tradition.

And as I commented before - there was no "coat stand" included. It seems to me it is not in the parts list either, but it was depicted in the main calendar image.

By in Netherlands,

BTW: the order from left to right and top to bottom is 1...24, not the random order from the front side of the box. MartinZ

By in Indonesia,

I will ask again...does anyone have the 2011 City calendar instructions?

By in {Unknown country},

Brilliant - thanks. I had saved all the doors - but this is so much better.

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