Chowren Toys provides dimensions, weights and UPC codes for 2013 sets

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I am once again indebted to Jason from Chowren Toys for providing me with box dimensions, weight, LEGO item numbers and UPC codes for 2013 sets, which I've added to the database.

Thanks to Jason we now have this information for some 1300 sets, dating back to 2004.

We'll be working closely with Chowren Toys once again in 2013 and plan to bring you exclusive deals and bargains once a month throughout the year. So stay tuned!

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By in Australia,

thanks this info is really useful to me. being out of the way in Australia it usually costs a heap on shipping charges when buying from international sellers. always handy to know weights and dimensions of sets so i can check online to get an idea how much postage is going to be!

By in Canada,

Thank you for the kind words. We want to help make Brickset the best online source for LEGO related information. I have also start to check our vantage inventory against the Brickset database. We will hopefully provide UPC, dimension and weight info on these older sets. We have large old vantage collection in our inventory and this process should make Brickset database even more complete. Very time consuming process so maybe spring break or summer project for my son.

@misb, hopefully this info will make your comparison shipping easier since you will be able to search by UPC codes on Google. I am thinking this also makes selling easier for others as now eBay, Amazon and Google all required UPC codes on their listings. Hopefully this will bring more LEGO inventory out on the market place and benefit more builder and collector.


By in United States,

Any chance we can get # of bags in a set added to some sets, at least the bigger, collectible ones? It'd be nice for sellers and buyers to know what should be in the set they are handling for completeness purposes.

By in Canada,

Just be warned - many sets have now come in many sizes - I know for sure 2 city truck sets from last year - are re-released this year but different sized boxes. So sometimes we'll need to have multiple entries for boxes.

I know in Europe quite often the boxes are different sizes as well.

By in Canada,

We have see that as well. In our inventory we have a couple of sets in different size boxes. They tend to have the same UPC code but different MPN Codes.

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