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The following sets have just been discounted by at least 30%:

9509 Star Wars Star Wars Advent Calendar$34.00$15.9932%

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By in United Kingdom,

Great price, and another chance for our U.S members to get some great fig's!

By in United States,

Don't forget to check local Walmarts- ours has about 20 for 50% off ($24.50)... so many I'm holding out to see if it goes lower.

By in United States,

I feel picking these up post Christmas is a great idea. The only issue I have is with the SW set, it is dated 2012. So if you're short on funds but wanted to try and give yor kid a good Christmas and you buy this calendar, you'll have to figure out what to do with the "2012" in 2013. The Friends set is not dated like this and I may very well use it again for a family member who was not yet old enough for Friends.

By in United States,

It's unfortunate that it takes a 30% discount to get the price down to what it should have been to begin with. I understand the packaging is likely more expensive, the advent calendar concept adds value, and perhaps LEGO may not sell many of these. But $50 for a 234 piece set with six (actual) minifigures is ridiculous when something like Uruk-Hai Army, which has 257 pieces and six minifigures, retails for $30.

By in Ireland,

You can find many chain stores that have these at up to 50% off, but as is with all after holiday clearances, most have been picked clean.

@kbsig106 I have picked up a variety of dated Lego Advent calendars over the years, my kids have been too young for them, but I know they would have no problem with the date. They had their first this year which was Imaginext, coming this year we'll be starting the Lego sets.

Makes me wonder if Lego would ever delve into a Duplo Advent Calendar. Though the Imaginext calendar, to my understanding, was not successful on the shelves (I bought them for $5 each last years clearance, rrp was $24 I believe and the shelves still had loads of them well into March). Seems unlikely as Duplo has such a higher piece price and its a much more narrow market.

However, it's the end of Duplo for my kids, they received there last Duplo Castle set this year but got there first Ninjago set. Hmmm? Ninjago or Chima Advent Calendar? Now I think Lego really is missing something there.

And thanks Lego for naming a Minifig after our clan! Unintended, of course, but thanks anyway!

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