Mining Truck on sale at Walmart Canada

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Mining Truck

4202 Mining Truck, regularly priced at $49.99, has been spotted in Eastern Canada Walmarts for $20.00.

You can check availability at your local Walmart if you go to and select "check prices and availability" below the product image.

This sale seems to be nationwide in store.

Thank you Natedog for the news.

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By in United States,

it's been cheap in the US as well. Picked it up a few weeks back for $18.00 for my son's Bday in May.

By in Canada,

None left in the WM I checked, but, besides the Police Station as mentioned above (only one copy though, pity), they had a bunch of the Recycling Truck ( ) for $20!

The location I went to (North Regina) is often a hot-spot for clearance deals. They also had the Vampyre Hearse on for $35, Helm's Deep for $120, and a number of the Forest Police and Fire sets for much less than original. Whether they're making way for new stock, or simply trigger happy when it comes to pricing, I'm not sure... but I'm pleased!

By in Canada,

Could not find any trucks, but found two 7208 fire stations at 50% off. Score!!

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