Red Squirrel by Vuurzoon

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Most of us use LEGO to recreate inanimate fabrications of our lives and imaginations, like vehicles and buildings. The hard edges and angles of the brick lends itself to such acts. However some of us strive to recreate the organic out of the same pieces of plastic. Most of these creations are distant shadows of the originals, but some select few are able to click these lifeless brick together with such intuition and skill that they cause people to reconsider what is possible with LEGO.

Perhaps that opening paragraph is a bit over the top, but I can't help but think such things when looking at Vuurzoon's Red Squirrel.

I mean, look at it. Every time I see it, I think of that Dog from Up, "Squirrel!" This is a life size beauty of accurate design and advanced technique.

As soon as I saw this I asked Vuurzoon, "How does that tail work!" They were nice enough to tell me but I am not going to go digging through all the comments to find their explanation. Instead, I will show you their video of fabricating the Red Squirrel.

My thanks go to Vuurzoon not only for this awesome creation, but for sharing the amazing technique.

A week of Cuusoo


My favorite new project this week week was anabashedly FTL. I love to see a good microbuild and Crash has proven to me time and again that he is a master of packing great details into tiny spaces. On the other side of the size spectrum, we also saw a great rendition of Star Wars's Redemption -Nebulon-B escort frigate. Rounding out the projects with most support are a power functions Wall-E and a five-wide steam engine.

Cuusoo user Zproductions has also developed a great way of conducting polls within the limited confines of the Cuusoo commenting system.

My review of these projects and a showcase of all the projects that came out in the last week can be found here.

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By in New Zealand,

LOVE that squirrel!

By in United Kingdom,

That squirrel is superb! And the showcase is really good, I love Wall-E and really, really love the Republic Nebulon-B Escort Frigate. Thanks for your work bringing things to the fore.

There are a lot of people who clearly don't understand Cuusoo though. I found a Jabba's sailbarge that was dreadful - practically square, blocky and ugly. But the real stand out was the "UCS" Slave I that was the exact same size as the 2010 minifigure version, and looked considerably worse. I wonder what they think UCS stands for.... I know, those projects will just be ignored anyway, but they were just so comical I had to flag them up!

By in United States,

The squirrel to me is the kind of thing that Cuusoo always should have been about: unique and brilliant one-off designs at the mid-price/size level that would otherwise not be thought of or produced by LEGO.

By in United States,

Glen - Thank you for showcasing this one. I've been a big fan of it for a long time now. It's clever, well-designed, non-IP and ideal for a single Cuusoo release.

By in Indonesia,

It's really great. Only thing is, is the tail legit enough to be produced?

By in Canada,

I love this model, it was one of the first I featured on the now defunct Cuusoo Corner.

By in United Kingdom,

This is a lovely model. LEGO could easily replace the Architecture series with a Wildlife series - which could include those wonderful British garden birds by DeTomaso Pantera

What's great about each of them and the squirrel, is that they're largely built from regular, average bricks.

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