China Airlines has City Police Helicopter 4473

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Police Helicopter

China Airlines has the City Police Helicopter set 4473 listed in their in-flight shopping catalogue, priced at 23 USD / 18 EUR for 112-pieces.

109 Brickset members currently state that they own this set; it would be great if they could tell the rest of us where they each got their copy of this set from.

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By in Ireland,

I've seen this in the local Tesco recently as in the last month and Argos had it as a 2 for 20 euro toy sale (on display) before christmas too.

By in United Kingdom,

The image we have came from Argos and was used by them to illustrate an older police helicopter, 7741, but as far as I know it wasn't actually available in UK branches, unless it was used to replace 7741 when they ran out of stock. (see

By in Ireland,

The grappling hook looks familiar. I'll have a look in the local Tesco again - they never had 7741 in stock and looking at that now, that was what argos had on the shelf so my bad there.

By in United States,

Well unfortunately I cannot purchase from the China Airlines Sky Boutique without first buying a flight...making this a very expensive set.

By in New Zealand,

Availability from EVA Air now added to set notes thank you (see first comment above).

By in Netherlands,

I've been following this news item sinds it started.
And i think the 109 people who own this set, a big part of them,
build them of ther own bricks.
(i've done it with all the non produced 4897 4933 4934 5642 30016 city
sets and expensive 1279 1281 adventure sets)
I've still got them as wanted, but also as owned.
This may explain why a lot of people have the set,
but not officialy as a set from lego.

By in United States,

I'm beginning to wonder if that is the case of the UK selling out the others completely, the US may get it once our supply is gone, even though it'd be a little dated.

My idea is, there will be another one for the 2014 police line (nothing yet for 2014 sets, but following the patten of every 3 years......)

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