Sydney Brick Show, 20th – 28th April 2013

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A couple of people have emailed and asked me to mention this event in Australia, so here goes...

SydBricks is proud to announce that in 2013 the Sydney Brick Show will move to an exciting and larger venue in the heart of Sydney; On Seven at David Jones, Elizabeth Street Store. For the first time in a new partnership, the show will operate through the week from Saturday 20th April to Sunday 28th April enabling school holiday fun for all to see. The event will launch on the opening weekend spectacular with a focus on activities for the public and AFOLs alike.

For AFOLs, the opening weekend will be the fan focused show followed with an evening event, now in the planning as well as the usual activities.

For the public, the opening weekend will feature Australia’s only LEGO Certified Professional Ryan McNaught along with gifts for the first 100 LEGO Club members and a visit from “Max” the minifig. Children’s building competition winners will also be on display.

Displaying AFOLs are welcome to register for only the opening weekend, however if you are Sydney based, or would like to soak up the week long LEGO show atmosphere, you are welcome to register for the full show.

More information and tickets are available at the official website.

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By in United Kingdom,

I love the logo - arguably better than the Architecture set :)

By in Australia,

Can't wait for the show!!

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