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You may recall that just before Christmas I created a page showing all LEGO books of interest to AFOLs that are available from Amazon. I've just updated the page to include those that have just been, or will be, published in 2013. There are a surprising number in the works. Here are highlights:

Christoph Bartneck has updated his 2011 and Star Wars minifigure catalogues, and has completed the 2012 minifigure catalogue. The three books are available now. I have copies of these and I'll be reviewing them later this week.


May sees the publication of the first of two Brickmaster books: Legends of Chima The Quest for Chi, and Brick City: LEGO for grown-ups by Warren Elsmore who many of you will know or have heard of, and Build you own Vehicles by another AFOL, Joachim Klang. DK's LEGO Minifigures Character Encyclopedia is also due at the start of the month.

In June, a very interesting book about LEGO, the company, rather than the product, is due: Brick by Brick: How Lego Rewrote the Rules of Innovation and Conquered the Toy Industry.


The Yoda Chronicles by DK is due out in July, as is The LEGO Build-It Book, Vol. 1: Amazing Vehicles by Nathanael Kuipers who is an ex-LEGO designer and well known AFOL, and Mattia Zamboni who I believe is currently a LEGO designer.


August sees the publication of the second Brickmaster, Star Wars Battle for the Stolen Crystals and also Beautiful LEGO, a 'curated gallery of mind-boggling, awe-inspiring, and masterful LEGO creations'.

In September, the Dorling Kindersley Minifigure Year by Year: A Visual History, is due. This is the book that some of us have been helping source minifigs for.


In October, Megan Rothrock's second volume of The LEGO Adventure book is out, as is The LEGO Build-It Book, Vol. 2: Amazing Vehicles (more from Nathanael and Mattia) and Lego Galaxy: Build Your Own Universe which is also written by a group of AFOLs.

Finally, in November, Sarah Herman's second book Extreme Bricks: Spectacular, Record-Breaking, and Astounding Lego Projects from Around the World is due.


Expect to see reviews here as they are published. But first, I'm off to Ikea to buy another Billy bookcase to put them all on :-)

The book list page will provide links to enable you to order them from your local Amazon. If that's not enough, there are 'hundreds' of kids' books due too, which you'll find listed on the Kids' book page.

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By in Australia,

Since I do not have a 'local' amazon I would appreciate if the book list page would show links to a not-so-local Amazon.
( would be a good start for me :) )

I assume there is some benefit to Brickset if I can order via a link from here, right?

By in United Kingdom,

What a terrific year for books. Looking forward to Warren Elsmore's tome.

By in United Kingdom,

^^ It does, or at least it should do. When I switch my country to Australia, it shows What do you see?

By in United Kingdom,

I am looking forward to just about all of these.

By in United States,

You forgot to bold e in Universe. :-)
Anyway, sounds like a terrific selection of books. Hopefully I can get a few.

By in New Zealand,

These books actually look quite good. I'm interested in the LEGO Minifigure Year by Year: A Visual History one and maybe the second volume of the Adventure book. I've just requested my library to buy most of these books. Hopefully they will! :)

I found this description of the DK minifigs book on their website (,,9781409333128,00.html):

A visual history of the amazing LEGO® minifigure phenomenon, with three minifigures included.

Take a trip down memory lane and explore the origins and growth of the amazing LEGO® Minifigure with LEGO® Minifigure Year by Year: A Visual History.

Year by year, every range of LEGO Minifigures is included chronologically and by theme, running from the first minifigures introduced in 1978 to the brand-new Legends of Chima™, Star Wars™, Batman™ and Ninjago minifigures popular today. Perfect for any LEGO fan, this visual chronicle is filled with more than 2,000 of the most significant, popular and rarest Minifigures complete with stunning photos and additional information on key favourites. Plus, with 3 classic Minifigures embedded in the cover, it's the ultimate guide to the world of LEGO minifigures.

LEGO Minifigures Year by Year: A Visual History is a must-have for LEGO fans of all ages.


Edit: It also says that it will be released on the 1st of October 2013 (Amazon says 16th of September, though) and will be hardcover for UK£25.01 (with three minifigures, that's a pretty good price!). 256 pages and 252 x 301mm size.

By in Australia,

^^ Huw, on my home computer it shows nothing , just empty headers (in red), but I tried at work and it shows so I guess I need to figure out what's different on my home computer.

By in Australia,

Huw I found out that my Adblock was enabled again for Brickset. Sorry I've turned it off and it's all good now. My bad.

now off to buy some books.

By in United Kingdom,

^ Ah yes, that is usually the cause.

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