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Coast Guard Station

Today I have added new images of sets released in 1976 and we now have an almost complete set of those released in Europe that year.

One year on from the introduction of the armless and faceless minifigs and they are appearing in most of the year's LEGOLAND sets. However the problem of them not fitting in many of the houses and buildings they come with had not yet been resolved. The bendy-armed people were still going strong, too. Perhaps the most impressive sets of the year were the highly detailed (for their time) Hobby Sets: classic cars, bikes and the legendary 396 Thatcher Perkins locomotive, still highly sought after today.

I still haven't told you where these images came from, but you don't have long to wait now to find out! All will be revealed very soon. I won't be revealing it here on this website, but I will tell you where you can find out.

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By in United States,

I bet I can make some cool Homestar Runner minifigs with those guys. Lego should sell em again in one of those 20$ collections

By in United States,

Recently the suspicion I had about where the photos were coming from was confirmed. I won't say anything else though - wouldn't want to spoil it before Huw is ready.

By in United Kingdom,

@brickmatt: I take it you read BrickJournal! I hadn't realised it was out already!

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