New inventories added to LEGO Customer Services

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Inventories for six sets have been added to the LEGO Customer Services site.

See what's new on our new inventories page.

If the inventories contained new parts, they will be listed on the new parts page.

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By in United States,

I was really hoping to see the new cow skull and horns in the list...

By in Canada,

Yes, it's odd that all the interesting parts have been missed off them, isn't it...

By in United Kingdom,

Lovely dark tan slopes. I'm happy

By in United States,

@Huw: Keep in mind that the determining factor for which parts are listed is whether or not the customer service parts database includes pictures... there are several sets for which decidedly uninteresting parts might not be listed just because a picture of that part was never uploaded. You can still order replacements of any parts that are included in the set's inventory in the back of the instruction booklet, so it's probably not a deliberate attempt to keep people from getting more of those parts.

My guess? From what I've seen, TLG updates the images in their database just a few times a year, but new sets' inventories are made available much more frequently and sporadically. Sometimes images for new and interesting parts are uploaded before the sets' inventories are actually listed, and sometimes they are uploaded much later. I wouldn't be surprised if when new part images are uploaded for summer sets, Lone Ranger part images might be added as well, and at that point those parts would appear in the online inventories.

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