Iron Man Mark VII Armor by Mmccooey

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This week in Cuusoo we are looking at comic books, my second great geek passion! Comic book themed/inspired projects dominate Cuusoo. On project count alone they are second only to Star Wars. Unfortunately, from a quality perspective, most of these projects are found to be lacking.

Mmccooey's Iron Man however stands tall (literally, it's 0.5m) above not only its Cuusoo comic compatriots, but is also a technically and artistically advanced MOC in its own right.



This free standing build sports an impressive 50 points of articulation and has six integrated lights. It has a whole grocery list of Iron-man themed features as well but beyond all that, it looks great!

This is one of those builds that really showcases the amazing variety of art that can be crafted with LEGO.


One of my favorite things about this Cuusoo project is its uniqueness. The closest official product (that I know of) to this is the 10186-1: General Grievous. Yes there is no doubt very good reasons that LEGO has not built anything like this in five years, but I don't mind using Cuusso to tell LEGO to take a second look at the concept.

One of the other reasons I would really like to see this project succeed is that if it were to make it to production, then the framework of the official LEGO design could help father a new line of display MOCs in the fan community. Mmccooey has already demonstrated the versatility of their own frame with equally impressive Spider-man, Batman, and Deadpool builds.

This is definitely one of those Cuusoo projects where LEGO realists can list any number of reasons why LEGO "won't" make it: licensing, scale, physics, complexity, "Bionicle parts" competitor, etc... The bottom line though is that if you like this MOC, and would like to see what LEGO could do with this concept, then support the project. There is nothing wrong in supporting a project you don't think will ever get produced.


A Week of Cuusoo

My favorite new Cuusoo project from this week is Duplo Batman. This is absolutely brilliant, if they made Duplo Batman, I would never have to think about what to get someone for a babyshower again!
LEGO has done some surprising stuff with Duplo from time to time. Historically there has been the Castle and Pirate lines and more recently the Toy Story, Cars, and Disney Princess themes, so it is not that crazy of an idea.
Other great projects from the last week include the Gorilla Bipedal Loader, the colossal Circus Maximus, and the Erickson S-64 Air Crane.

My review of these projects, and a showcase of all the projects that came out in the last week can be found here.

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By in United Kingdom,

The Duplo Batman and Robin are great, although those capes would be trashed in no time by the target age group. Maybe a printed cape on the back would be better for 3-4 year olds.

By in United States,


Agreed. I imagine if there were ever to be an official line of Duplo Super Heroes they would either use a hard chunk of plastic for capes or use the cloth ones like they would use cloth like they did in 9131

By in United States,

I guess I agree on the Batman Duplos.

By in United Kingdom,

My nephew has some of the Fisher Price Little People DC Super Friends ( which are a similar size to Duplo) and he absolutely loves them. Unfortunately, I guess that licence probably rules out Duplo Superheroes, at least on the DC side. I do love the idea of Duplo Superheroes though, and they look better than the Little People (or maybe that's just the pro-Lego bias coming out ;-)).

By in United States,

I was amazed at the above "Iron Man Mark VII" model when I first saw it on cuusoo a few weeks back; all of Mmccooey's builds of this type are impressive (they're currently working on the rest of the Avengers team as well).

In terms of some of my favorite Super Heroes projects, others would include the minifig-scale Batman tumbler (one of them has about 700 support to go), a display-scale ARC reactor and the Iron Man hall of armor (there's three versions as far as I know, and my favorite so far is the newest).

With Iron Man 3 fast approaching, I've noticed a lot more great Iron Man projects, as well as ones for other super heroes.

By in United States,

@ LostInTranslation,

I know exactly the set of Little People you are talking about as they are at my house. Joker is creepy cheery!

As for as their existence's impact on a the possibility of a Duplo set goes...well there are license and then there are exclusive licenses.

In my experience, Warner Brothers is very open with its DC characters. For instance, right now Trio (Fisher Price) has a construction toy license with Batman at the same time that Lego is making construction toy sets. Mini-mates also often makes tiny figures of Batman that are pseudo-construction toy compatible. On top of that I see many batman toys in the last few years that are not from Fischer Price at all. I just bought a book full of tiny plastic statuettes of the Justice League too. All from different companies.

But yes, their current existence does reduce the chances of production based solely on market saturation if nothing else.

By in Canada,

The median number of supporters for Cuusoo is actually 25.

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