LEGO display in the Philippines

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Here's a press release about a display in Manila, Philippines:

To celebrate the year’s most anticipated superhero blockbuster, one of the Philippine’s largest conglomerates, Araneta Center, Inc & Gateway Cineplex partnered with the newly established Philippine LEGO Users Group (PhLUG) for an Iron Man-themed “brick-xhibit”, which will be on display until 7th May.

PhLUG is a hobby group of Filipino Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOLs) which creates marvellous works out of the well-loved Danish toy construction brick. PhLUG is the country’s first LUG and was established late in 2012.

The “brick-xhibit” highlights dioramas and models related to the Iron Man franchise made by Filipino AFOLs. It contains brick-equivalents of the Stark Tower, the Arc Reactor, Tony Stark’s Malibu Mansion, and Hall of Armours to name a few. It took PhLUG members 2 months to prepare for the models in the exhibit using bricks from their personal collection.

“It is amazing how passionate and like-minded people can come together and produce such a wonderful output,” says PhLUG managing director Randy Protacio.

Being a relatively young organization, PhLUG is thrilled to have partnered with Araneta Center to provide an extended Iron Man experience to Gateway movie goers.

“This is an exciting and flattering opportunity for us to be partnering with the Araneta Center for their Iron Man 3 activities,” says PhLUG marketing director EJ Mangahas.


Let us know if you get along to see it.

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Wow, PhLUG here at Brickset. Good Job Guys...


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...been out of the loop for a while... what ever happened to Philbrickster?...

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Nice job, guys!

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nice! thanks jrodulio for the link, always keen to know what's the LEGO scene like around our region.

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