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To date, I have done 22 Cuusoo project reviews for Brickset over a variety of themes. I hope that these have demonstrated the wide variety of quality projects on Cuusoo. The fan-base here has certainly had mixed reactions to the various projects, the Brick-Sorting Excavator only got a few votes but the Single Lens Reflex Camera went from 177 support to over 1200!

Starting next week, I will be cycling back and re-exploring these and other themes but before I do though, I thought I would present this showcase of the 22 projects that have been selected for review.

I have also thrown in a link to a new gadget that could allow for some minimal Bluetooth control of power functions.

Cheers and thanks for the opportunity!


Ambulance (Type 3 / Type III)



Medieval Travelling Theatre


Real Space

Architecture: Space Shuttle crawler transporter


Sci-Fi Space

LL1012-12 NCS-Speeder



Majestic Airship



Handicapped Accessibility Pack



SNOT 2-sided stud



Brick-Sorting Excavator


Ancient History / Mythology

Medusa's Temple


Star Wars

Corellian Defender



Tiny Trucks


Based on a Game

MegaMan 2



LEGO Mondrian



Red Squirrel



Turntable and Modular Roundhouse


Furniture & Housewares

Minifig Furniture - Living Room



Medieval Micro Modulars


Based on a Movie

Suzuki's Wall-E






Single Lens Reflex Camera


Based on a Comic

Avengers: Iron Man Mark VII Armor


Playable Game

Labyrinth Marble Maze


Bluetooth MOC Control...

I found this crowd-funded project I thought I would share for its LEGO potential. The Tethercell is effectively a Bluetooth controlled AA battery. If you replace an AA battery in a device, you can use your Bluetooth equipped smartphone or tablet to turn said device on and off.

It is not the full Bluetooth control many of us are craving, it won't change the direction or strength of a motor but it will allow you to turn on those power functions in hard to reach places like in the 10178-1: Motorized Walking AT-AT or those nice lighting effects you have put in that MOC you have on the other side of a partition at a LEGO Convention.


A Week of Cuusoo

This Pegasus is really firing on all cylinders for me. I have always liked the Pegasus since the old Clash of the Titan film and this is great rendering with an Iconic feel. The wings, tail, and hooves are especially clever. On top of all that though, this build is assembled on a hand crank platform which causes the body, tail, and wings to move about.

Other interesting projects this week are the Mecanum drive wheel, the TMNT blimp, and a variety of Nut Crackers.

My review of these projects, the video of the Pegasus in motion, and a showcase of all the projects that came out in the last week can be found here.

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By in United States,

Hard to believe SpacySmoke's ambulance hasn't even hit 1,000 supporters yet. One of the best LEGO City creations on Cuusoo. His food truck is another awesome design. Since it looks like these won't be getting made by LEGO any time soon, I guess I'm going to have to create my own.

By in Puerto Rico,

Great projects, sad that it takes so long for Lego to make new Star Wars projects.

By in Canada,

I really like the Zeppelin airship design hope it makes it.

By in United Kingdom,

Absolutely love the space shuttle. I would totally buy that.

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