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41021 Poodle's Little Palace41021 Poodle's Little Palace is the third of the series 2 Friends Animals sets that have just been released, so to fill time before we are able to bring you a review of a far more exciting set tomorrow, here's a quick look at it.

It features a poodle, a 'palace', a grooming table with a brush, and a food bowl with a bone.

As you can see, there are plenty of pink and light blue parts in the set, so it's bound to appeal to young Friends fans.

Once again, although the poodle has appeared in other Friends sets, this one has a new print and is unique to this set.

41021 Poodle's Little Palace

The poodle sits nicely in her 'palace'.

41021 Poodle's Little Palace

Out of the three series 2 sets, I would say this is the least appealing for the non-hardcore Friends fan, although girls in the target age group will love it.

So to summarise my reviews of all three sets, giving scores from a male AFOL perpective:

  • Hedgehog Hideaway: The best of the three: rare and useful parts, not too 'girly'. 5/5
  • Bunny's Hutch: Some good parts but the hutch is a bit lame. 3/5
  • Poodle's Little Palace: Strictly one for girls only. 2/5

There are more pictures on Canadian Bounty Hunter's flickr set including some showing the differences between the poodles and the surprising number of spare parts in the set.

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By in Indonesia,

I would have already been thankful to be able to get this set at $3...

By in United Kingdom,

I picked some of the series 1 up for cheap in Tesco and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of spare parts also.

I'd agree with the hedehog being the best of series 2. Red leaves and a pitchfork, what's not to like?

By in United States,

I definitely agree with your assessment of all three. :P Thanks for the reviews Huw!

By in United Kingdom,

This one is not of much interest really, the parts are not particularly useful and that is all I would be looking for in these sets.

Now I am left wondering what is the 'far more exciting review' might be... UCS X-Wing?

By in United Kingdom,

^Yeah, what is this 'far more exciting set'.

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