MADbrick, Madrid, 1-5 May

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I've just been told about another LEGO event going on this weekend: MADbrick, in Madrid, Spain, which has this rather splendid advertising graphic.

It's organised by the cultural association ALE! (Cultural Association of Amateur LEGO constructions of Spain).

As in previous years, MADbrick is a themed event, in which all exhibitors are coordinated so that their work revolves around one central theme, which this time will be the human evolution.
We have gifts for visitors, exhibitors contests, free construction workshop for the children and so on.

More information can be found on the ALEBricks website.

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By in Puerto Rico,

The events are getting closer every time to Puerto Rico. Yes.

By in Spain,

Mañana voy con la familia a dar una vuelta.

By in Puerto Rico,

^Que diviertan y la pasen bien.

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