Two more crowd-funding projects require your support

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A couple of people have emailed to ask us to help publicise their crowd-funding projects:

Josh Hanlon is raising cash on Kickstarter to create a DVD at Brickworld Chicago: "Help us create a high quality DVD featuring builder interviews and creations from one of the largest LEGO conventions in the world!"

Mike Dolley is also hoping to make a movie "My goal is to create a short film that tells the story of an AFOL. There have been a few great documentaries about the AFOL way of life, but I am unaware of any original stories that tell the journey itself. I hope that the story I have written will have elements that appeal to every AFOL."

"The short film isn't going to be a huge Hollywood blockbuster, but even low-budget film-making has expenses. To help raise some initial funding, I am using a T-shirt service called Teespring to produce screen printed AFOL T-shirts. For $20 (plus shipping), AFOLs are able to get a T-shirt showing off their proud status as an Adult Fan of LEGO, while at the same time supporting a fan project. More information about the film project - An AFOL Story - can be found at"

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By in Australia,

Thanks for sharing this with the community Huw. If anybody has any questions or feedback I am happy to respond!

By in United States,

it seems like its going to be a good video.

best regards: John117

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