Cuusoo of the Week: Food Truck by SpaceySmoke

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Can it really be that LEGO has not done a Food Truck? They seem to be cropping up everywhere in the States. It has been a while since I have been overseas, but if Wikipedia is to be believed, they are showing up everywhere else too.

Well, even independent of their actual commonality or lack thereof, food trucks can add a lot of activity and flair to any city scene. SpaceySmoke's Food Truck is a great rendition of the mainstream food truck.

This food truck comes with a great assortment of elements:

- Detailed serving counter.
- Detailed kitchen with oven, sink, grill, and storage space.
- Characteristic food truck details, such as the skylights and vents.
- Skylights removes for access to the interior!
- Seats one driver.

With the exception of perhaps Camper Van Forever and a few modulars, this is the most supported project that I would categorize as "City" themed.


The only problem with most food trucks is that the interesting side tends to face the side walk... funny how that works. So, "logistically" it works great parked up against a modular, but then it is hard to see the great little vignette you have created. In this configuration you need to park the truck on a corner or some such but you are still blocking a lot of the action.

This is the arrangement you find in the really crowded downtown areas but there is another, much more, visible setup option. In roomier locations, food trucks sometimes set up shop in parking lots, even with a few tables for their customers to use. This setup could work great on a baseplate between modulars with a couple of benches thrown in.


Previous Pick

It turns out my last "City" pick was also by SpaceySmoke, an awesome ambulance build. I hemmed and hawed a bit about showcasing the same person in the same subject twice in a row, but kept coming back to how awesome and unique (from an existing LEGO set perspective) I find the food truck to be.


A Week of Cuusoo

This week, my favorite new project is Daft Punk.

Musicians show up quite a bit in Cuusoo. Most go unnoticed, some get ridiculed, but it seems most get deleted for one reason or another as their support catches on (Spice Girls, Green Day, Megadeth).

I am not familiar with all of Daft Punks music but what I know of, and read about is non-offensive. On on top of all that though, these guys are known for wearing robotic costumes... These guys come pre-developed for LEGO headgear!

What impresses most about this musician themed project, and sadly makes it rather rare, is that it comes with awesome, quality mocs

The Robot from Castle in the Sky, the Wolven Fighter, and a firing crossbow (what? really? Didn't expect to see that on Cuusoo) were some of the other interesting projects to come out in the last week. My review of these projects, a showcase of all the projects that came out in the last week and a few other ramblings about Cuusoo and crowd sourced / funded projects can be found here.

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By in United States,

I have seen the Daft Punk before this, and I think it is both too small and too BOLOCs style for me.

By in United Kingdom,

BOLOCs? lol, what does that mean?

By in United Kingdom,

BOLOCS: Built Of Lots Of Colours. e.g. "That LEGO model is BOLOCS". Not really appropriate in this instance, though.

By in United States,

That food truck is awesome, and one of the first Cuusoo models I supported. Most of the food trucks I've seen have awesome graphics on the side, so I think this could be interesting from the street side, but it would be tricky without using Stickers Across Multiple Pieces.

By in Tunisia,

I supported.
It’s completing City vehicles collection. In a modular construction seems very nice and typical.

By in United States,

..a week of cuusoo...all I can say

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