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The prize draw is over, the grand total raised was £4800. I believe around a dozen hospitals around the world are going to benefit from everyone's generosity, which is a fantastic achievement. I'll ask kevbags (or sirkevbags as he is now in the forum :-)) to provide a complete list.

The full list of winners, who have all been notified by email, is after the break.

I'd personally like to thank Kev for organising it. Not only will it benefit countless children but it's also helped galvanise the Brickset community and make it a truly great place to be, and in my case 'be in charge' of.

  • Mr Gold - meyerc13
  • Chrome Darth Vader - kartula
  • Chrome Storm Trooper - wiggy
  • Silver Cedric - pug_hobbit
  • Hoth Han - grendel753
  • Jor El - madaboutlego
  • Shirtless Darth Maul - bobjack_jackbob
  • TC-14 - cambridge07
  • New York Taxi - Mrs S Buckley (Non Brickset)
  • BR Minifigure - dare_wreck
  • Monster Fighter Zombie Cars -try001
  • Stig Key Chain - cale200
  • Sopwith Camel - n8er
  • Chrome Gold Minifigure Key Chain - neomonkey
  • Mini Hulk - Mr D MacKenzie (Non Brickset)
  • Chase McCain - dbmaffe
  • Z-95 Headhunter - salavat
  • Mandalorian Fighter - brickbrats
  • Statue Of Liberty - mattgoshe
  • Mini Hogwarts Express - nevermore158
  • Mini Sopwith - docdancan
  • Mirkwood Elf - gorelaxx
  • Ganrash - civicbossman
  • ADU Walker - bassbison
  • Lex Luthor - perijove
  • Elrond - Mr N Vettraino (Non Brickset I think)
  • Brickmaster polys - sidersdd
  • New York Taxi - Miss C Bates (Non Brickset)
  • Series 2 CMF Complete Set - branko
  • 2011 Holiday Set - sidersdd
  • Target Practice Poly - blueoyster
  • 2012 Holiday Set - j1a3l5
  • Ferrari Polys Complete Set - samiam391
  • Monster Fighter Zombies - jadedanc
  • Shirtless Darth Maul - princedraven
  • Monster Fighter Stickers - tikirobot
  • Mini Modulars - drdavewatford
  • Leeds Minifigures - waynus
  • Sopwith Camel - sirrich69

Congratulations everyone! Sorry to see my name isn't on the list, though. What went wrong, Kev? :-)

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By in United States,

Congrats, everyone!

By in United States,

There's a problem with the list. I'M NOT ON IT!

Just kidding, congrats to the winners and thanks to Kev for running a worthwhile raffle!!


By in United Kingdom,

Congrats to SirKev and SirRich69 on their knighthoods. Completely deserved! Thanks to all the Brickset community for making this happen. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :D

By in United Kingdom,

^Firstly flump appears in the thread, now this Savage_Steel is back. This competition is bringing all sorts out of the woodwork! ;O)

By in United Kingdom,

no.. i'm brian

By in United Kingdom,

And my 100% brickset prize draw/competition record stays intact... (unfortunately!) LOL


By in United Kingdom,

Congratulations to all who were lucky!

By in Germany,

Fantastic to see we raised such a great amount of money.
Even though I didn't manage to get on the list. ;-)

Congrats to the winners and a big THX to sirkevbags!

By in United Kingdom,

no ... I'm Brian, and so is my wife

By in United States,

There must be a mistake here, I didn't win anything. :P

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