New instructions added to LEGO Customer Services

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A PDF of one new instruction manual has been added to the LEGO Customer Services Building Instructions site today.

See what's new on our new instructions page.

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By in France,

Strange, it's an "old" set. Wonder if they changed something... Would someone be willing to do a comparison ? :)

By in United States,

Um, no, not quite identical. This new one, another version of Book #1, has a little blanked-out space on one fo the pages. As well, there is no page number "84" on the final, 84th, page.

By in United Kingdom,

Only significant difference is Page 83, Step 53... there's a piece change! The mirror step in Book 2 is Page 15, Step 65... so expect to see that appear on the server within days.

My 9398 came with an Errata sheet, that's been included, and the updated cartoonised version of the "don't just tip everything out at once, build in Bag Sequence" page. Also, it's now more clear what size battery is required in the 6-cell pack.

I'm betting the piece change is required for the 41999 Co-Creation version... and they simply took the opportunity to make the needed changes to the manuals for 9398 when they were editing the layout for 41999

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