LEGO/Shell promotion now on in Poland and Hungary

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The Shell promotion is slowly being rolled out across Europe. It hit Italy and the Netherlands earlier in the year, and now it's started in eastern Europe.

From Bart in Poland: "Shell promo is still spreading out. From June 3rd it will also be available here in Poland. All 5 cars (gas + cash ~GBP 1.00 or 2.00/or ~900 points) and minifigures set (you have to buy stuff for around GBP 4.00 + ~GBP 2.00 for the set)."

From Yellow in Hungary: "I just want to let you know that the Shell Ferrari LEGO promotion will hit Hungary tomorrow 1st June. After a purchase of at least 20L of FuelSave fuels, one of the 6 LEGO cars can be your for 699,- HUF. After a purchase of at least 20L of V-Power fuels, one of the 6 LEGO cars can be your for 399,- HUF."

Still no sign in the UK or the USA but I guess there's hope for us yet...

Update: Boris.m in Slovakia tells us "Also you can buy it in Slovakia for 1.49,- € (20L V-Power fuels) or 1.99,- € (other fuels)".

Update: also now in Russia:

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By in Slovakia,

Also available in Slovakia from 3.6.2013 to 4.8.2013, you can buy it for 1.49,- € (20L V-Power fuels) or 1.99,- € (20L other fuels).

By in Czech Republic,

Also in Czech Republic since today. The price is 39 CZK (about $2) for 20 l of V-Power Nitro+ and 59 CZK ($3) when buying 20 l of FuelSave diesel.

By in United Kingdom,

Is anyone making a fuel run to eastern europe, just to get the Lego ???? :)

By in Poland,

"All 5 cars" - sorry, my bad, six of course. :P

By in Bulgaria,

In Bulgarian Shell too. 2 euro (20 euro Fuel) for the cars and 2,5 euro (you need to spend minimum 2,5 euro in Shell Shop) for the minifigs. I have text all of my friends that load from Shell to take me some cars:)

By in Slovakia,
By in Netherlands,

Hello, does anyone know if the pit crew will be available in holland?

By in Hungary,

Here’s some update to the Shell promo for Hungary:

Actually the promo started today, not on the 1st and will run until 4th of August. (or until supplies last)

I’v been to a Shell petrol station today and picked up the leaflet about the promo. The leaflet can be folded to a starting grid of a race track.
I sent pictures to Huw about both sides of the leaflet, which is arouns the size of an A/3 paper, so too big for my scanner, and a two pictures about the track folded. I hope Huw will add them here.

Some additions to the condition:
The minifig polybag can be purchased for 899 HUF if you spend at least 999 HUF on any goods from the shop.
The good news, that the minifig polybag can be also purchased for 1099 ClubSmart points, at least something worth to spend those points for. I picked up two minifig polys for smartpoints.
Unfortunately our company is fueling at another brand, so I can not purchase the cars, I hope my friends will help me out.

By in Switzerland,

It seems to me that they will skip Switzerland :(

By in Bulgaria,

It's also here in Bulgaria.

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